January 30, 2015
November 2014 Miles Driven Up 1.1 Percent
Heads-Up Displays are Not an Answer to Driver Distraction
Driverless Cars Could Hurt Economy
AGSC Releases Latest E-Newsletter
Man Injured by Flying Tire Thankful to be Alive
Vandals Strike More Than Two Dozen Vehicles in Jonesboro
January 29, 2015
Allstate Launches Fast Mobile e-Payment for Automotive Claims
TODAY'S BLOG: Recalibration Chronicles
Uber Teams with Auto Insurer to Eliminate Coverage Gap for Its Drivers
ERS Looks to National Windscreens for AGRR Services
Saint-Gobain Adfors Czech Republic Expands Capacities
Vandals Shoot Out Windows of More Than 20 Vehicles in Beach Cities
January 28, 2015
Website Publishes Report Questioning Safelite AutoGlass’ Practices
Neverfrost, Canadian Startup, Aims to Make Scraping Ice Off Windshield a Thing of the Past
Auto Sales Forecast Calls for a Hot January
Have Your Say: Rocky Roads Ruin Our Lovely New Car
Damage Reported After Rocks Thrown from Overpass in Forsyth County
January 27, 2015
Florida Judge Wants More Evidence to Support Allegations Against Insurers
NHTSA to Recommend Two Automatic Emergency Braking Systems
Autonomous Vehicles to Get Interior Makeovers
The Justice Department Has Been Secretly Spying On Millions of Cars
Turlock Vandals Target 19 Vehicles, Smashing Windshields, Windows
January 26, 2015
Sika AG Throws Up New Roadblock for Saint-Gobain
TODAY'S BLOG: Leadership Lessons—Anticipation and Preparation
Honda Signals Shift from Takata, Hires Rival to Supply Accord Airbags, Report Says
Driverless Cars Make Quiet Progress in Michigan
Rocks are Breaking Windshields on U.S. 277
At Least 45 Vehicles Damaged by River Rocks, Bricks Thrown Through Windows
January 23, 2015
Two New DOT Numbers Awarded
Is Esurance Just a Cheaper Version of Allstate?
TXDMV Runs Campaign for New Vehicle Inspection Process
Man Arrested for Theft Leaps Out of Moving Police Car
Vandals Smash Car Windows Around Apartment Complex
Special Newscast: Auto Glass Week™ 2015 Dates and Location Announced
January 22, 2015
Rosekind Seeks More Authority for NHTSA
TODAY'S BLOG: Ford Transit Recall
Two Million Progressive Snapshot Customers May be at Risk for Car Hacking
Farewell to an Auto PR Legend
China's Biggest Aerospace Firm Wants to Buy a U.S. Car-Parts Maker
Arrest Made After Alleged Venice Windshield-Smashing Spree  
Police in Stark County Seek Marble-Toting Window Breaker
January 21, 2015
Sika Reports 13.0 Percent Sales Growth for 2014
New Fuyao Deal a Boon for Ohio Glass Client
INDIA - Hi-Tech Security for U.S. President’s Visit
State Farm Hiring More Than 600 People
Usage-Based Insurance is Not Appealing to Most Americans
Ice Strikes Pickup's Windshield in Bridgewater
Akron Driver Ejected Through Windshield
January 20, 2015
Low Gas Helps Glass
Car Repair Costs Drive Motorists to Risk Lives
Rolls-Royce May Have Saved California Multimillionaire’s Life in Shooting: friend
UNITED KINGDOM – Nationwide Windscreen Services Says Assistance Calls Up 30 Percent
Former Oil Exec: $5-a-Gallon Gas on the Way
Vandals Shoot Vehicle Windows in Twin Falls
January 19, 2015
Signatures Double on Industry Petition Against “Steering”
TODAY'S BLOG: Leadership Lessons—Lessons from a Cab
Boyd Group to Pay Monthly Cash Distribution
Windshield Chip Repairman at Odds with Longmont Law
December Report: Employers Are Hiring, but Soft Wages Linger
Kaleb Whitby Can't Believe He's Alive after 26-Vehicle Pile-Up
Taylor Accused of Stealing from Charleston Glass Repair Business
January 16, 2015
The Pushback Over Saint-Gobain’s Move to Acquire a Controlling Interest in Sika AG Accelerates
Oregon Police Hunt for Teal Vehicle with Broken Windshield (No Good Leads in Two Years)
Longer Vehicle Ownership Could Create More Opportunity for the Aftermarket
Michigan Driverless Vehicle Test Site to be Operational This Spring
Seven Bizarre Driverless Car Predictions
eDirectGlass Partners with Automobile Technologies
Enforce State's Mud-Flap Law to Stop Rocks
See It: Tire Smashes Car in Toronto Highway Horror
Police: Driver of Crane Truck Runs Red Light, Slams into Vehicle; Man in Critical Condition
January 15, 2015
Here’s the Motown Skinny on Four Aluminum Models
TODAY'S BLOG: I'm Out for Answers
NHTSA Chief Wants More Aggressive Recalls, Standard Auto-Pilot Systems
Long Beach Teen Uses Pocket Knife to Rescue Car Accident Victim
Google Wants Automakers’ Help to Build Self-Driving Cars
January 14, 2015
Fuyao Auto Glass Plant to Add 750 More Jobs
Obituary: Charles “Charlie” Alsop
WATCH: Traffic Lights on Your Windshield Could Get you Home Faster
Police: Dirty Windshield, Bright Sun Factors in Trenton Collision
Vandals Shoot Out Car Windows in Austin
January 13, 2015
Calling All Souls: Kia Recalling 96,000 Souls with Sunroofs
Traffic Fatalities Decline in the Past Decade
Governor, CEO to Make Fuyao Announcement Today  
Nearly $4 Million Awarded to Fight Motor Vehicle Theft and Insurance Fraud in New York State
Accused of Throwing Rocks from Overpass, Man is Charged with Felony Assault
WATCH: Angry Elephant Goes on a Rampage
January 12, 2015
Hartford Appeals $35 Million Verdict over Alleged “Price Fixing” to Connecticut Supreme Court
TODAY'S BLOG: Leadership Lessons—Growth!
VW, Ford Take Top Awards at the Detroit Auto Show
Driverless Car Global Market Seen Reaching $42 Billion by 2025
Five Key Car Technology Trends from CES 2015
Fuyao Donates $7 Million to the University of Dayton
Chinese Retired Teacher Makes Finger-Painting Art on Dusty Windshields
Driver Slams into Light Pole after Failing to Clear Windshield
Police: Man Who Was Cut Off at Bar Went on Rampage with Golf Club
January 9, 2015
Sharrah Named CEO of Insurance Claims Management, Gross Takes Advisory Role
Johnson, Safelite and Archer Western Contractors Agree to Settlement Conference
Google's Next Big Thing: Auto Insurance?
Nissan, NASA Partner to Develop Driverless Vehicles
Vehicle Body Made from Cotton, Hemp & Wood
Six Trends to Watch for at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show
Study: Many New Mexico Roads in Disrepair
Teens Face Felony Charges
January 8, 2015
NAGS Rebalancing: A Decade Later
TODAY'S BLOG: Happy New Year 2015
Rosekind’s First Move: NHTSA Fines Honda $70 Million
As the Internet of Cars Draws Near, Here’s What Drivers Don’t Want
CES 2015: Ford Experimenting with Solutions to the Hassle of City Driving
TRW Expands Electronics Business to Meet Growing Demand for Automated Vehicles
Nationwide Windscreen Services Extends Contract with Autolease Fleet
I-93 Accident Sheds Light on Hazards of Negligent Driving, Flying Ice
January 7, 2015
CES: Driverless Cars Are Coming; Ready or Not?
Outdated Insurer Rules Limit Estimate Accuracy
NHTSA Chief Says Agency Needs More Resources
VW Shows Dashboard of the Future at CES 2015
Audi Reveals a Smartwatch that Lets You Talk to Your Car
Kansas City Auto Shop Worker Survives Three-Mile I-70 Ride atop SUV
Police Hunt for Suspect in Northeast Fresno Window-Smashing Spree
January 6, 2015
Glass Industry Launches Petition Against “Steering”
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Tim Tock Passes Away
Audi's 550-Mile Self-Driving Gamble
Mercedes-Benz's Vision of Luxury Makes Driving Optional
Saint-Gobain Celebrates 350th Anniversary
Slabs of Ice Blown Off Roofs of Vehicles Bombard Drivers
Driver Injured When Flying Ice Chunk Shatters Windshield in Raymond
January 5, 2015
Judge Issues New Decisions in Alleged Patent Infringement Case; Boyles File Discovery Report
Boyd Group Names New CFO, Expands in Florida
TODAY'S BLOG: Leadership Lessons—We’ll Pick You Up—Sure!
Glass Always Full for Chinese Firm in Global Market
ABRA Auto Body & Glass Adds Location
Sika Owner Goes to Court to Push through Sale to Saint-Gobain
Drone Mobile is the Closest Thing to Treating Your Car Like a Robot
Final Tally: Taxpayers Auto Bailout Loss $9.3 Billion
Photos: Treasure Trove of Rare Autos Found in France
Vandals Smash Windows of 50 Cars in Northern Manhattan
Caught On Video: Thief Breaks Into More Than 30 Cars in North Hollywood