February 2, 2023
PPI: Automotive Sector Pricing Holds Steady
Stolen Vehicles Have Multiple Impacts, Including Car Insurance Rates
ND Lawmaker Upset Over Cracked Windshields
Tips for Defrosting Your Windshield, Preparing Car for Freeze in Texas
Photos: Giant Tumbleweed Hits Car, Damages Windshield
January 31, 2023
NHTSA Opens Evaluation into Ford Explorers and Allegations of Detaching Windshield Trim Panels
Firefighters Smashed the Window of a Driverless Cruise Taxi to Stop It Running Over Their Hoses
Rock Goes Through Windshield of Bus Carrying MH Girls’ Wrestling Team
Automatic Wipers Don’t Work Since RAV4 Windshield Was Replaced
Curious Cracks: When 14 Planes Suffered Windshield Damage in One Afternoon at Denver Airport
January 30, 2023
Florida AOB Agreements in Crosshairs Again
Driven Brands Appoints Danny Rivera to Chief Operating Officer Role
Vehicles Burglarized at LH Park
Wooden Board Impales Windshield on I-90
Electric Porsche 911 Concept Looks Pretty in Panoramic Glass Windshield
January 26, 2023
Safelite’s Website Reportedly Back Online Following Weekend Maintenance
Major Insurance Companies Halt New Policies for Kias, Hyundais Amid St. Louis-Area Theft Surge
5 Signs Your Car Needs A Windshield Replacement
Man Escapes Overturned Truck Through Windshield To Avoid Live Wires
House and Car Hit by Golf Balls
January 24, 2023
PipeKnife Company Acquires VaccuFlex Product Line
Tesla Seeks to Patent Localized-Heat Method for Auto Glass Manufacturing
Carmakers Have Another Screen in Their Sights: Your Windshield
Got Insurance? State Law Allows for Free Auto Glass Replacement
Broken Wheel from Crash in Davis County Bounces, Gashes Roof of Car on Other Side of I-15
‘You Feel Unsafe in Some Way’: Police Investigating Car Break-Ins in DeKalb County Neighborhood
January 23, 2023
GM Awarded Patent for Auto-Dimming Windshield
Major Car Insurance Companies Getting Out of California
Auto Windscreens Achieves High Score in Benchmarking
Wyoming Driver Gored After Elk Crashes Through Windshield, Missed His Throat By An Inch
Rare McLaren Elva Spotted for Sale – and You Can Drive This One on the Road
January 19, 2023
RV Supplier Returns
Caliber Announces David Dart as Chief People Officer
Auto Shops Backed Up as Stolen Car Trend Skyrockets in Greater Cleveland
Loose Metal Pipe Flies Off Lorry, Penetrates Perodua Ativa Windscreen
Here’s How to Break a Window if You’re Trapped in Your Car
January 17, 2023
Texas Bill Proposes New Freedoms for Automobile Insureds, Repair Choice
Automotive Glass Europe Rebrands to Automotive Glass Experts
Sweety Hit-and-Run: Driver Tried to Change Car’s Windshield after Accident, Arrested
Kansas City Woman Injured by Rock that Crashed Through her Windshield Speaks Out
Man Uses Pillowcase Signs to Deter Criminals from Smashing his Truck Windows
January 12, 2023
Mercedes Recalls Additional 2001-2011 Models for Detaching Sunroofs
NOVUS Glass Welcomes New Mobile Franchise in Montana
Councilman Wants Bulletproof [sic] Windshields on Sheriff Patrol Cars
SF Firefighters Save Mother, Daughter from Vehicle Electrified by Live Wire from Downed Tree
Windshield Smashed by Dead Bobcat Hung from I-88 Overpass
January 10, 2023
‘Defective’ Vehicle Lawsuit Centralized in California
Consumer Reports Offers Ideas to Make Driving Tech Safer and More Enjoyable
PA Insurance Department Announces Increase in Auto Insurance Accident Threshold Cap
If You Have Your Car Window Smashed, It Could Take a While to Replace
Cardboard Car Goes Simple
January 9, 2023
Ford Certified Collision Network Unveils RepairLogic
Holly X. Biller Named President of Key Media and Research (KMR)
Do Canadians Want to Buy Insurance from Their Car Manufacturers?
Tesla to Remove Window Auto-Close Features Due to New Regulations
Local Nonprofit Working to Shield Law Enforcement Vehicles
January 5, 2023
Jack’s Glass Sold, Bradens to Retire
Donation Has Personal Resonance for Local Business Owner
Why Using Advanced Tech Gadgets Improves Your Road Safety
California Bans Tesla, and Others, from Implying ‘Full Self-Driving’ Capability
BMW Has a Car That Talks Like KITT and Changes Color to Match Your Outfit
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