May 26, 2022
Fastest Growing Retailers: New Business, Promising Future
Slough Supercenter is New Direction for National Windscreens in the UK
Can You Take The Heat? The All-New Hot Sauce Contest for Auto Glass Week™ in 2022!
Auto Glass Week™ Hotel Soliciting Alert
Auto Glass Giant Saint-Gobain Cuts Costs & Lead Time with BCN3D Printers
Minority-Owned Family Businesses Work to Build Generational Wealth
I Test Drove the Toyota Corolla Commercial and This Low-Cost Hybrid Van Has One Surprising Feature
This Card-Shaped Emergency Tool Easily Breaks Car Windows
Rock Thrown at Car Windshield with Mother, Children Inside During Oklahoma Road Rage Incident
May 24, 2022
AAA Research Shows the Pros and Cons of ADAS
A Day in the Life: Easy Fix
Domasco Launches Next-Generation Honda HR-V
Auto Thefts and Break-ins are On the Rise: What Can You Do?
B.C. Tesla Driver Kicks Out Window to Escape Fire
Driver Shocked After Mouse Falls Onto Moving Car’s Windshield
May 23, 2022
Brothers in Business: Untimely Death Ends Auto Glass Partnership
NOVUS Glass Celebrates Kelowna Location
Automotive Glass Presents Unique Challenges for Manufacturing and Recycling
Man Recalls Running Through Home Dodging Bullets
Franklin Man Urges Drivers to Stay Alert After Rock was Thrown Onto His Windshield
May 20, 2022
D’Ieteren Group Resumes Buy Back of Shares, Sets Future Plans
Uniban Opens UniglassPlus/Ziebart Calgary in Alberta
IndyCar Drivers Raise Visibility Concerns After Aeroscreen’s ‘First Real Test’ in Wet Race
Auto Body and Glass Repair Shops Busy with Storm Damage in South Dakota
The Next Recession Isn’t Here Yet, But Here’s When You Should Start to Worry
NHTSA Probes Tesla Autopilot Crash that Killed Three People
Traffic Cop Breaks Car’s Windshield as Owner Runs Red Light
One Taken to Hospital, Windshields Shatters After Malfunction at Sandy Car Wash
Minnesota State Patrol Pilot Injured When Duck Crashed Through Helicopter’s Windshield
May 19, 2022
Fast Growing Retailers: Revenue on the Rise
Caliber Celebrates 25 Years By Gifting 46 Vehicles
Owners Say Toyota Highlander Windshield Chips and Cracks More Than it Should
Car Windows Smashed Overnight in Jersey
A Festus Man was Injured When Metal Hit the Windshield of His Pickup
May 17, 2022
AAA Research Proves Need for ADAS Education
Belron UK Reduces Carbon Emissions by More Than 40%
Stickers on Trucks Saying They are Not Responsible for Breaking Your Windshield are Incorrect
Tippecanoe Sheriff’s Office Investigates After Water Balloon Shatters Woman’s Windshield
Hartford Gas Station, Vehicle Windows Blown Out in Storm
This London Parking Space Requires the Driver to Exit the Vehicle Through the Sunroof
May 16, 2022
At the Top: Auto Glass Retailers in 2022
Pioneer in Automotive Industry Dies
Most Drivers Like New Advanced Safety Technology, CR Survey Says
Study Reveals Assisted Driving Systems Struggle with Collision Tests
AGC Sunroof Loses the Sliding Shade
Ten Bad Driving Habits That are Not Good for Your Car
Driver Pulled Through Sunroof Just as Vehicle Sinks
Bear Climbs Out of Gatlinburg Car Window with Bag of Fast Food
May 13, 2022
Increasing Costs Continue to Impact Auto Glass Shops
Labor Shortage and Supply Chain Affect Boyd Group Inc. First Quarter 2022
Synergies Raises $12M to Give Factory Managers an AI Analytics Assistant
Windshield Repair Made Easier with 3D Printing
The Reinvention of Truck Collision Prevention
Ten Reasons Why We Love the Honda Prelude
May 12, 2022
Driven Brands Exec Talks Expansion Plans
Auto Windscreens Commits to Net-Zero Standard
Out with the Old, In with the New! Introducing our New Mobile App for Auto Glass Week™ 2022!
Moraine Pursues Economic Development Growth Around Fuyao
Increasing Passenger Vehicle Sales Significantly Improves Automotive Sunroof Market
Magna ADAS Launches on 2022 Toyota Tundra, Including Advanced Trailer Assist
Twenty-seven Arrested after 19 Cops Injured, Police Vehicles Vandalized in Riot
May 10, 2022
Consumer Protection Class Action Lawsuit Dropped Against Nissan
AGE Group Signs Global Agreement
GlasWeld is Official Auto Glass Week™ 2022 Career Day Sponsor
AGSC/NWRD ROLAGS 2 Standards Committee to Meet in June
On the Way to the Car of the Future: Mirror, Seats, Windshield
Police Search for Two Believed to Have Smashed 10 Car Windows in Naugatuck
May 9, 2022
Industry Reaction Mixed on Ford Certified Glass Network
Native Auto Glass Retailers Dealing with Scarcity
Microsoft and Volkswagen Collaboration: Holographic Images on Your Windshield
One-off Ferrari SP48 Unica Looks Ahead, Loses Rear Window
A Closer Look at the 2022 Mahindra Scorpio
Breeze Blows Parking Lot Gate Into Car’s Windshield
May 6, 2022
Embrace Technology: Small Businesses Share Appreciation of Calibration
How Much Money Shops Lose When Sending Away ADAS Work
New Mercedes-Benz C-Class Unveiled in India Ahead of May 10 Official Launch
The Most and Least Expensive States for Car Insurance in 2022 are Revealed
Houston Rental Car Has Windshield Crushed by Mysterious Cement Block
Large Hailstones Crack Car Windshield in Arizona
May 5, 2022
Report Further Proves Importance of Calibration, Pre- and Post-Scans
Milton Member of Parliament and Fix Network Discuss Right to Repair Bill
D’Ieteren Group Announces the Launch of a Transformational Project for its Headquarters
Fisker Reveals All-Electric Luxury GT Sports Car
The Dangers of Driving with a Damaged Windshield
Unique Invention Keeps Car Windshields Haze-free
Somers-Based Operation Tied to Vehicle Thefts
May 3, 2022
Ford Launches “Certified Glass Network”
Join the Winner’s Circle with Genuine Auto Glass Before Kentucky-Derby Themed Fundraiser
Kia Windshield Bond Problems Lead to Cadenza Recall
If You Use Google’s Chrome Browser, You Will Want to Make This Software Update
‘Students Did Not Deserve This’: More Than 30 Cars Damaged at Three Kansas City Schools
May 2, 2022
Auto Glass Growth Included in Driven Brands Holdings Inc.’s First Quarter Results for 2022
BMW Recall Affects 61,000 Vehicles Sold in U.S.
Shops Pushing Back as Safelite Pushes for Auto Glass Laws
Drunken Driving is a Persistent Problem, But There May be a Technological Solution
This 1947 Electric Car was the First Nissan EV
Police Looking For Man Accused of Vandalizing Truck by Throwing Large Rocks at Windshield
Deputy Injured When Padlock hits Windshield of Sheriff’s Vehicle Traveling on 57 Freeway
April 29, 2022
Driven Brands Acquires All Star Glass
Ford Issues Positioning Statement on Glass
Nissan Develops Collision Avoidance ADAS
Saint-Gobain Posts Record Sales in Quarter, Flags Rising Costs
Man Halts Traffic, Breaks Car Windshield
Steel Plate Pierced Windshield of Pickup Truck, Causing Fatal Crash Near Ritzville
April 28, 2022
Mercedes Recalls More Than 126,000 Vehicles for Software Glitch® Hits the Four Million Mark
French Company Continues to Supply Necessary Products
I-CAR Announces Creation of Optional ADAS Technician Career Path
Audi and Partners Piloting Project to Turn Faulty Car Glass into New Windowpanes for the Audie Q4 e-tron
The Dangers of Driving with a Damaged Windshield
Woman Cracks Car Windshield with Gun While Child Inside
One Sent to Hospital After Unsecured Load Crashes Through Windshield on Massachusetts Highway
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