Rapid Glass Prevails in Short Payment Arbitration Against USAA

Minneapolis-based Rapid Glass recently was awarded $38,615.70 in an arbitration ruling filed against USAA Insurance as the result of disagreements related to alleged “short payments” by the insurer, according to a release from Rapid Glass. The ruling was issued by the American Arbitration Association.

“Rapid Glass has proven its prices are fair, reasonable and competitive in the local industry at large,” says Rick Rosar, president of Rapid Glass. “When these short-pay cases are reviewed by a non-biased independent judge or arbitrator, the truth is easy to see.”

glassBYTEs.com™ has not yet been able to independently confirm the ruling.

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2 Responses to Rapid Glass Prevails in Short Payment Arbitration Against USAA

  1. clyde says:

    Way to go Rick! We too are winning on every single one. Shops should not just sit back and take it. Arbitration is working. Keep up the good fight and keep your doors open!

  2. Janet Fish says:

    So how does one go about getting unreasonable pricing changed? Between USAA, Farmers and several others we are expected to do these jobs at less than we would charge a customer off the street and then wait to be paid.

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