Key Communications Halloween Costume Contest Winners Announced

Key Communications, parent company to AGRR™ magazine/, celebrated Halloween late last week with a costume contest for team members. This year’s top prize went to Bryan Hovey, web developer, for his male tooth fairy costume. Hovey captured the majority of votes and wins a choice between three days of vacation time or $150.

The second place winner was Chris Bunn, video producer, who dressed up as Philip J. Fry from “Futurama.” Bunn wins his choice of two days of vacation time or $100.

And third place went to Amanda Mason, graphic designer, who dressed up as “50 Shades of Grey.” She wins her choice of one day of vacation time or $50.

The award for most creative costume went to Ashley Weaver, graphic designer, who dressed up as a hot air balloon. She wins her choice of one day of vacation time or $50.

Other costumes by team members were:

—Jamie Browning, AGRR™ magazine columnist, as a zombie;

—Dawn Campbell, managing editor, as a monkey;

—Janeen Mulligan, customer relations manager, as Cleopatra;

—Jenna Reed, editor of AGRR™ magazine/, as Princess Leia; and

—Tara Taffera, vice president of editorial services/publisher of DWM magazine, as the Mad Hatter.

Thank you for voting for this year’s contestants and have a happy Halloween!

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