Mainstreet Computers Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Key Employee

David Carnahan (left) with Bill Oeftering (right)

David Carnahan (left) with Bill Oeftering (right)

Mainstreet Computers recently recognized the 25th anniversary of one of its key employees—Bill Oeftering, product development programmer.

“Bill has been a great friend to me personally and an invaluable asset to Mainstreet Computers,” says David Carnahan, Mainstreet’s president and founder. “He has been with us from the beginning of our entry into the glass industry.

“Bill has utilized his incredible skill in programming to enhance Mainstreet’s Glas-Avenue products to help glass shops meet the many challenges to running an efficient profitable business. I’m grateful to have him on our team,” he adds.

Oeftering joined Mainstreet in 1988.

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2 Responses to Mainstreet Computers Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Key Employee

  1. Bill is seriously an awesome guy. I’ve know since I was a little kid and have been able to work with him for the past 11 years. Even though when I was 16 and would come to the office and ask him to play paintball he would look at me like I was crazy, he would always give me a graceful, yet firm, “NO.”

    Congrats Bill!

  2. Dave Casey says:

    When I first started using Mainstreet (years ago)and I had questions or found a glitch, I would end up talking to Bill, great guy, good to see him get some recognition. Now you keep him under wraps and I have not talked to him in years, he is obviously of true value to Mainstreet.

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