Miles Driven Climb in July

The Federal Highway Administration (FHA), a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation, has released the newest numbers for miles driven in July 2013, showing an overall increase of 1.6 percent, or 4.2 billion vehicle miles, from July 2012.

Overall travel for the month is estimated to be around 263.6 billion vehicle miles, compared to 258.1 billion vehicle miles in June 2013.

Cumulative travel for 2013 grew slightly by 0.2 percent, or 2.7 billion vehicle miles. So far, the cumulative estimate for the year is 1,725.3 billion vehicle miles.

All regions showed an increase in vehicle miles driven over June 2013. The largest climb occurred in the Northeast, up 4.3 percent over June 2013.

These numbers reversed the trend saw in June (, which saw an decrease in overall vehicle miles driven.

Vehicle miles driven by region:

Region July 2013 June 2013 (revised) Percent Change
Northeast 38,400 36,795 +4.3
South Atlantic 54,104 53,000 +2.1
North Central 60,351 59,575 +1.3
SouthGulf 52,084 51,401 +1.3
West 58,667 57,363 +2.3
Total 263,607 258,137 +2.1
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