Several Ford F-150 Owners Report Shattering Backlites to NHTSA

One 2010 Ford F-150 owner sent a photo of the damage to NHTSA caused to his or her backlite by an allegedly defautly rear defroster.

One 2010 Ford F-150 owner sent this photo to NHTSA of the alleged damage caused to his or her backlite by the rear defroster.

More than 20 F-150 Ford owners of the 2010 model year have complained to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that an alleged glitch in their rear defrosters has caused their backlites to shatter or spiderweb in cracks.

“On a 40-degree morning, I turned the rear defroster on to clear the windows and mirrors. as I was driving my son to daycare, I heard a large pop and then smelled burning rubber. I looked and saw the right rear glass shattered and it was shortened out by the heating element,” reported one owner to NHSTA on December 15, 2013.

Another owner who wrote to NHTSA on December 9, 2013, reported that “The truck was outside in 11-degrees. I started the vehicle and turned on the rear defrost. Within two to three minutes, the left panel (on the driver’s side) of the three-piece sliding rear window shattered while I was stopped at a traffic light.”

In another reported instance, the owner says the back light shattered near where his or her son was seated in the truck.

“The external temperature was -22 degrees and I had the rear window defroster and heating unit in the diver’s seat turned on. The front defroster was set to the highest temperature. While driving at 25 mph, my son and I noticed a burning smell. He was seated in a booster in the rear seat, passenger side. He advised me that he could hear something behind him making noise. I looked back and observed smoke coming from behind the rear passenger headrest where my son was seated. I looked forward to find a spot to pull over and then heard a loud bang. Looking back, I saw the rear window was shattered on the passenger side. It is a sliding rear window with three sections. Only the passenger section directly behind my son was shattered.  The glass remained in place, but shattered. I quickly pulled over, shut off the truck and removed my son. From the outside, I can see the plastic lower corner melted where the passenger glass meets the center glass section. The rubber seal/moulding was smoking and had melted and dripped down the back of the truck cab between the cab and the truck bed/box. Inside there is a strong odor of burnt rubber or plastic,” the owner alleges.

Several of the owners involved in these alleged incidents reported the situations to dealers and Ford; however, no remedy or “fix” was offered, they told NHTSA.

“The dealer is telling me that the glass is not covered under the extended warranty,” writes one owner in a complaint.

Another owner writes, “The truck is still at the shop and they cannot identify the issue. I fear that if only the glass is replaced that this issue will reoccur.”

Several of the owners shared photos of their damaged rear back lites with NHTSA.

NHTSA does not have an open investigation of this reported issue and Ford officials had not responded at press time.

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115 Responses to Several Ford F-150 Owners Report Shattering Backlites to NHTSA

  1. Gerry says:

    Does not seem to be isolated to the USA. I live in Canada and the outside temp was -1c. Turned on the rear defrost and after about 10 minutes smelt burning rubber then mega bang. Dark out, so did not notice until after work that the rear driver side heated window was completely shattered but intact. 2012 F-150 FX4 with 65007km’s. No warranty remaining and Ford customer service said no issues had been reported, but requested a case number from them. Told to retain repair receipt in the event coverage comes later. Window costs $800 plus 2 hours labour.

  2. Sean Wainwright says:

    Have a 2012 F150 that one of the rear window blew out in yesterday. Have noticed about a week ago that the rear window defroster light was not coming on when I pushed it. Also , had a friend of mine ask what happened to my rear window, saying that one of the 3 windows was considerably darker in tint than the others. The window blew out the very next day. The truck was warm , I had already driven across town, got back in my truck and it blew right out, throwing glass into the bed of my truck. Outside temp around 20, fairly warm truck. No sense.
    Told my salesman about what had happened , he said the same thing happened to his neighbors truck the week before. Rear defrost light not coming on , BOOM. Have it at the dealer to see if anything will be covered under warranty before I go making a claim on my insurance.

    • Joanie says:

      Same thing. I have a 2011 F-150. Noticed the rear defrost wasn’t coming on all the time. A couple of days later I heard a loud noise like something hit my truck as I was getting in it at home. I noticed later that day that the back window had shattered. Today on the way to work, most the window blew out into the bed of my truck.

  3. Robert Hudrick says:

    I have the same situation. 2010 F150 driving down the street and heard a loud pop. Back driver side window shattered while rear defroster was on. Went to dealer and was told nothing they can do but order the new $700 one. Called Ford to report and was told nothing they can do. This really disturbs me that I have to pay out of my pocket for a obvious defect in this window or defrosting unit. Look like I will be checking out in new Chevy’s. Unacceptable!!

  4. Ryan Higgins says:

    I have a 2011 F150 FX4 Super Screw. Rear passenger side winder shattered due to defroster. I am in touch with ford. I have 39,000 miles. I appears they are going to due something about it. There are many known issues with this!!!!

    • Rowland says:

      Just happened to me this morning. Its about 25 degrees outside and I remote started my 2011 F150 FX4 Super Screw and heard a pop when i was walking to my truck. The defroster turns on when remote started so i believe that’s the culprit. Ford dealer told me its a known problem and there was a F150 ahead of me getting the same problem fixed. I was talking to the glass guy off to the side and he told me he has replaced around 200 rear windows last month on the F150.

      Dealer said they had to send pictures to Ford to get approval to cover the repairs under warranty. All was covered/approved and picking the truck up same day.

      • Josh Hart says:

        Hi there I had the same exact problem happen to be tonight…. Would you mind contacting me at your convienence. Just in case my ford dealer gives me a hard time with fixing this dangerous problem thanks a lot for your time you can email me and I’ll give you my cell thanks

      • Tom K says:

        This just happened to me the other day. Same thing the glass guy said its a known problem and that they updated the wiring in the new windows. Still waiting on Ford to say they will cover it as I am out of warranty also. The service lady told me to call Ford customer service, they gave me the same story that they never heard of this, gave me a claim number and said the dealership will be contacting me soon. I will update when i find out what is going to happen.

  5. David says:

    2011 super crew. Defrost light wouldn’t come on. After it did it wasn’t 5 minutes later when I heard a loud pop. Drivers side rear window completely shattered.

  6. David says:

    Well hats off to Ford. I called customer care, explained my problem and two days later got a response that Ford would replace my window.

  7. Bill says:

    2011 Super Crew same thing happened with my rear driverside window. Calling FORD now to see what they will do. sounds like they do have an issue!

  8. Bob says:

    I too am a victim of the shattered back window. It was about 20 degrees out a couple of mornings ago so I remote started the truck, got in and went to back out of the driveway and noticed the window was shattered. Went to the dealership and they took pictures of it and sent it to corporate. I’m thinking they’re gonna tell me it’s not their problem, hopefully I’m wrong. I’m just glad it didn’t happen when my kids were back there.

  9. Erik says:

    Same happened to me today in FL.. Upper 40s this morning, condensation on my back windows, so I attempt to turn on rear window defrost and nothing happens. I continue driving and notice it is now on, a couple mins later it sounds like someone shot at my window.. Same spider crack everyone else is talking about.

  10. Bob says:

    I contacted Ford about it and they pretty much acted like it was the first time they heard of this. They said they couldn’t help me, and to keep my all of my paper work incase there is a recall. But I don’t see that happening.

  11. Kyle says:

    Same story as the last comment, but on top of that after the backglass was replaced ($860) the power slider stopped working 2 days later. Took it back to ford and they tell me it has nothing to do with the replacement and that I need a new switch! Wanted to charge me $250 for that! Contacted ford and they said they can’t do anything about it. Warranty on the switch runs out at 59000km and I have 63000km. This will be the first and only ford I buy!

  12. Ron says:

    I have a 2010 F-150 Supercab and experienced the same thing. Temperature was about 28F and I had a frosted rear window. Turned on my rear defroster and within 5 minutes heard the big pop. I stopped and looked around my truck to do a quick survey but did not notice the window right away. It was the last thing I would have suspected. Stopped at the dealership and the service manager said he had never heard of this happening. Ford would accept no responsibility for what I considered a faulty product and he just kept saying it had to been hit by a rock. Talking to this fella was like pushing a rope up hill.

  13. Ron W. says:

    Just this morning on my way into work, I pressed the defrost button on my 2012 F-150 as there was condensation on the mirrors and glass. The light did not come on, so I pressed the defrost button a 2nd time and it came on as advertised. I drove approx. 5 miles to the local coffee shop, shut down the truck, and grabbed a quick coffee. When I came out of the shop, I walked up to the truck and before I even opened the door, I heard this loud bang that sounded like something fell from the sky and hit the roof of the truck! Scared the hell out of me, and I jumped up on the step rail and checked the roof. Nothing wrong up there, & as the rear windows are heavily tinted, I did not notice that the right rear pane had completely shattered but was intact in the frame! When I got into the cab, I smelled burning or melted plastic or something, but didn’t understand what that would have been from until I saw the shattered window on the rear passenger side all spider webbed. I have not yet contacted Ford, but of course, at 45k miles, I’m out of warranty, so I have no real hope of getting this taken care of on their dime. I will report back here regardless since I can see that this is definitely a recurring issue with Ford. Not cool. My daughter could have been back there when this happened!

  14. Bill says:

    well an update to my note on 4/18, the local Ford rep will only agree to pay $800 of an $1200+ cost. this is clearly a defect in the defrost mechanism. my lease is up in 1 month and i’m giving it back to them as is !

  15. Bill says:

    make sure you file a complaint with the NHTSA so it grows large enough that they will investigate.

  16. Brian Sharwarko says:

    2010 F-150 Lariat Crew Cab.
    Same exact problem everyone is mentioning. Started my truck this morning (48 degrees) turned on the rear defrost and within two minutes I heard what sounded like a gun shot. looked all around and didn’t see anything until I looked in the rearview mirror and the right (passenger) portion of the sliding glass was completely shattered. I called Ford customer care. There is no recall (big surprise, recalls only occur after “X” number of deaths) and there is nothing they can do for me. I am very disgusted that they will not help with the cost to replace this since it is OBVIOUSLY a defect in the workmanship of the truck. I will be contacting the NHTSA also…..
    FORD is lucky my children were not in the truck at the time.

  17. N.Kane says:

    Just had the same happen to me, 2011 F150 Supercrew FX4.

  18. Craig Allen says:

    About 6 months ago I turned on my rear defroster on my 2011 F150 and as I was driving down the street about 4 blocks from my house after turning on the rear defroster I heard what sounded like a gun shot. I thought I had hit something as it was dark. I stopped and got out to see what I had hit and could not find anything. Proceeded on to work like normal. When I came out to go home it was daylight and the right side rear window looked like a spider we and there was shattered glass in the passenger seat. Dealer stated there was no coverage and replacement would be 1200.00. I taped up the window and am arguing with Ford on why they should pay the bill.

  19. Robert Parker says:

    2010 F-150 FX4 – same thing, cold night in Jan 2014, defroster on, loud bang like gunshot. Looked around and didn’t see anything. When I got home and out of the truck could see the right side panel exploded.

  20. Kyle says:

    It was 0 degrees that morning and my window rear window defroster would not turn on. 2-3 minutes later my 3 piece window on the passenger side popped as well it is on a 2011 f150 as well. Ford denied on how I said it was a known issue and they could not cover me.

  21. Chris Maslovich says:

    Picked up my new Ford F150 FX4 on October 4th.
    Turned on the rear defroster Oct 8 and the rear window on the driver side cracked.
    Going to dealership on Tuesday.
    This sounds like a serious problem after reading all the posts.
    Possible fire issue with the melting defrost wires!

  22. Dave says:

    2010 F150 Platinum.

    Turned on rear defrost this morning and 10 minutes later smoke followed by loud “pop” and passenger side rear glass is cracked. Now smell burnt rubber

  23. Ben says:

    Newest victim to this problem on my 2012 F150 XLT. Dealer sounded surprised when I told them of the issue but obviously this has happened to a fair share of owners. I am still under factory warranty and am going to demand that all the rear windows be replaced so that this is “fixed” for good. I will be sure to report back and what happens on this, will be taking truck to dealer tomorrow.

    Depending on their reaction and ability to take care of me will decide if I stay a ford customer. I love my truck but hearing about how many people are getting screwed over due to a faulty product lowers my respect for ford.

  24. Jahrid Florio says:

    2013 ford f150 fx2 I was driving to work and 10 into the trip my driver side rear window popped and shattered I had the defrost on as it was cool out that morning also I’m going to ford as this is a lease and they should hopefully take care of it. I was on a residential street traveling 25 mph

  25. Murray Brooker says:

    0 degrees C yesterday morning I remote started my truck, went out 10 min later, hopped in & drove 30 min to work. An hour later when it was light out I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed the driver’s side pane of my sliding rear window was shattered. Contacted my dealership and was told that they have seen it happen before and they would take some pictures and send them to Ford Canada to see if they will cover it under warranty. 2013 FX4 Super Crew 58000 km.

  26. Tim Alexander says:

    2012 f150 well it happen to me yesterday aprox 50 degrees , hit defrost and heard loud pop , driver side section shattered . i have had intermitting problems getting RW defrost to come on , this time it did

  27. Angel G Torres says:

    I was also affected on my 2010 Ford F150 HarleyDavidson truck, the passenger side shattered and I had to pay 250 deductible to my insurance but noone knows what caused it. This should be addressed with Ford co. I am looking into it also.

  28. Mike says:

    This same problem just happened to me today. About 20 degrees, rear window had a thin sheet of ice on it. Turned on the rear defrost, it was on for approximately 15-20 seconds, then turned off, and wouldn’t turn on again. About a mile down the road, I heard the loud pop, smelled the burnt rubber, then noticed the shattered right rear window. Fortunately no one was sitting there. The window is still in, but there are tiny shards of glass on the seat.

    Waiting to hear back from the dealer regarding warranty. It’s a 2011 F150 Lariat, 25K miles.

  29. danette says:

    Im another victim of this as well. Turned on rear defrost on my Ford F150 Super Crew and 5 min later, heard a loud pop and the the passenger rear window shattered. Then camw the rubber smell. Extended Warranty said glass is not covered even though it is obviously from a faulty rear defrost. If Ford does not fix this issue, I will definitely get a higher authority involved.

  30. Steve says:

    Chalk up another one. Exact same situation as all of the above. Has anyone had any luck getting ford to foot the bill for the repair? Scared the hell out of me driving to work this morning.

  31. Kyle says:

    Lucky me! turned on rear defrost for the 5 min drive to drop the kids off at school. As soon as my 6 year old opened the door, I heard a loud bang. (assumed it was just a little ice that had the door stuck) It turns out the back right window shattered!
    Now after reading all of this- I’m worried. its a 2011 Ford F150 Lariat.
    Please post whom you called and what you all said to get any results. Hoping that will help.
    Seems like there isn’t much point in me going to dealership??

  32. Robert says:

    Another blown window here. Driver’s side. Spider Web shatter. Canada. I think it is time we involve transport Canada and perhaps the National news. Ford could use a little publicity from their clients. Bet it won’t take long to get results….

  33. Justin says:

    Same thing happened to me this morning 12 degrees, the same problem with the rear defroster light not responding the first time. 10 Minutes later big pop and the passenger side rear window was shattered.

  34. bob says:

    I own a lot of fords 8 to be exact and my family owns many more but this problem with back window makes me think that we cant buy any thing that people will stand behind ford show your true colors and fix this problem make us ford people proud of a good car company

  35. JAKE STAPLES says:

    Ford F 150 2010 … Same thing here in Fort St John…. minus 18 …. after turning on rear window heater … a little while later a big pop sound within cab… rear passenger side window shattered into intact fragments.

    • Vince says:

      Ford F150XLT 2014 – Same thing here. I live in Southern New Jersey and while warming up my truck noticed the rear defroster light was not coming on. A few minutes later the rear passenger widow blew up. Contacted my dealer who submitted a claim to Ford. Within 1/2 hour I was informed that the expense would be covered completely by my warranty. Maybe Ford got the hint that something is wrong and had a change of heart.

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  37. Jesse Gimbel says:

    2010 harley Davidson. Turned on the defrost yesterday morning. Window shattered. My daughter was sitting in the back. I just turned 50,460 km on the truck.

  38. danette says:

    Update: I have finally gotten my back window fixed, I called customer care at Ford and told them the situation. They covered the majority of the cost, I still had to pay $300. They still replaced it with the same faulty rear defrost, so I will not be using that rear defrost no matter how cold it gets. The only way for us to get this to be recalled, is to file a complaint with the NHTSA. Phil Long service guys told me I would be reimbursed my $300 if it is eventually recalled, and Ford and the NHTSA work very close together. when I first took my F 150 and, forgot that came out if this was due to the rear defrost, I asked him how he knew. He then told me he used to live in Canada and he saw it ALL the time, so Ford is aware of this situation. Please, everyone file a complaint with the NHTSA so this issue can be fixed.

  39. danette says:

    P.S. I am not in Canada, I’m in Denver, Co. And the temperature dropped to single digits when this happened.

  40. danette says:

    Stupid auto correct, meant to say the service guy who came out and looked at it asked if it was due to my rear defrost, he saw it all the time in Canada.

  41. mona inman says:

    back right window also popped and shattered after turning on window defrost. no good complaining to ford. called and got nowhere. not good for dealer as i have purchased seven fords in last fifteen years. will look at other dealers in the future

  42. Kurt Young says:

    2013 F-150 Driver side rear window completely shattered! Rear defrost was not on. I was going maybe ten mph and coming to a stop. I about crapped my pants when I heard a big POP! I looked back and saw that the window had shattered. I was about five minutes from a local Ford dealer so I went straight there. When they looked at it it was still making crackling sounds like a fresh bowl of Rice Crispies. They took a ton of pictures to send to corporate to see if they would cover it. Hello?!!! The service rep. said that it wasn’t the first time that this has happened. My truck has 13,500 miles on it. I trade about every three years. If they don’t cover it, well, good bye Ford hello GMC or Dodge. I know I’m only one person, but I will never give them another penny of mine for the rest of my God given life!

  43. Dale B says:

    just had rear passenger side window shatter. Basically same story as others. Warmed up truck and had rear window defrost on. Could smell a slight burning smell. Check gauges etc so thought it was something in the air. 3km down road loud pop window shattered. -9C here.

    • Steve C. says:

      2012 F-150 Platinum w/14000 miles. 25 degrees F this morning. Driving on residential street w/rear defrost on (about 5 minutes). Heard a loud “POP.” Thought something hit the truck. Pulled into a lit parking lot, got out and did a walk around. Couldn’t see anything unusual, but it was still dark. Continued driving and happened to look out the rear view mirror and noticed passenger side rear window shattered in the frame. No impact mark. No odd odors. Per dealer, not covered under warranty and no recalls. Service manager at dealership said they might help on cost to fix. Otherwise, $594.00 out of pocket.

  44. Lannie L. Wagner says:

    2013 F150 FX4 had rear glass on drivers side blow out 12/15/14. We had a little frost this
    morning , but nothing to speak of. I contacted dealer but truck has 44,000 miles so out of warranty. I explained that we had extended service contract and was told glass wasn’t covered. The service person said that they knew about faulty defroster problems and that I should contact Ford. I did and we are waiting a call back to see what can be done. If we were on a trip in snowy weather this would be a real hazard. I had to get a piece of plexi-glass and gorilla tape to close up the hole. Maybe someone should put a video on youtube and that would surely draw attention to this problem. GM and Dodge make similar trucks so future truck buyers have other options besides Ford.

  45. Mark A. says:

    2010 F-150 Lariat Started truck on 25 degree morning, turned on front and rear defroster. I was in the garage when I heard a loud pop. Later that day I noticed passenger rear window was shattered. I had no idea this was a problem, but now see it is a huge one. Thankful none of my family was riding back there when it happened.

  46. Pat Cranmer says:

    This happened to my wife while she was driving our 2010 F150 Platinum in zero degree weather with the rear window heater on. She was heading to Ottawa from home near the St. Lawrence river where we live. Driver side back window completely shattered.
    How much are Ford owners being charged by Canadian or US dealers?

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  48. Dave N. says:

    Same thing happened to me. RH rear window behind passenger seat shattered on my 2010 f-150 Lariat with @45,000 miles. There was frost on my windows in the morning, and I turned on the rear defrost while warming up the truck. 10 minutes later, I returned to the truck to find the window shattered / spider webbed. I will contact Ford, and hopefully they will stand by their product and cover this, especially with all of the complaints surfacing. Wish me luck!

  49. Drew says:

    My situation is no different than the others here. Dealership replaced it in a few hours but it took several weeks to come in as the window was on backorder, which more than likely means many of these windows are breaking. The dealership did say this window was different than the original and has new wiring. One can only assume that Ford has found the problem, fixed it and isn’t telling us affected owners.

    Anyways, I paid a little over $700 to get it fixed. Anyone have luck in getting refunded, even if partially? Any 1-800 numbers I can call?

  50. David says:

    I have a 2011 fx4 SuperCrew. I was on the way to work this morning and heard a pop and thought I may have ran over a stick in the road and it hit the under carriage but NO when I got off work the right side of my three piece back glass was shattered. I believe ford motor company should step up and fix this issue and compensate there customers for the repare bills.

  51. Jennifer says:

    This just happened to my husband’s F150 this morning. It’s about 8 degrees out today, and a few minutes after turning on his defrost, he heard a loud pop (we were on the phone and I heard it too) — a couple minutes later he noticed his rear passenger window was shattered and his defrost was no longer working. This is clearly not an isolated issue and NHTSA needs to look more closely into it!

  52. john says:

    2010 chevy impala. Noticed burned fuse box near passenger door and rear defroster stoped working. Replaced and worked for two months. Temp dropped to negative zero with snow on roof of car. Used remote starter for 10 minutes which heated cabin and snow on roof. The rear defroster was on and heated rear glass. While going up a hill the snow shifted from the roof and touched the glass. Heard loud pop and hole about 8 inches in diameter and enter glass fractured. Called gm dealer and was told that it was the first time he had ever heard this.

  53. Trevor says:

    Same thing happened to me. RH rear window behind passenger seat shattered on my 2010 f-150 Lariat with @ 97,000 km. There was frost on my windows in the morning, and I turned on the rear defrost while warming up the truck 5 minutes later i heard a loud pop / spider webbed. I had it fixed I paid 1,291.00 ford will not cover it.

  54. C fisher says:

    2013 f150. Same thing just happened to me. Driver side rear window. Remote started, came out and window broken. No evidence of rock or any other foreighn object hitting glass.

  55. M Antonio says:

    My wife and I were sitting on new years eve day December 31st (2014), waiting to start off on the next leg of our journey around the Hood Canal. It was somewhere in the mid-20s (degree F). I had just started the truck up (F150 FX4 Super Crew with Cap on a shorty). We were sitting talking when we heard a loud bang. I had first thought it to be a pine core or rock that hit the top of the truck, stepped outside and there were no trees above us and no one else who seemed concerned. It wasn’t until this morning well I closed the truck when I heard glass tinkling and falling between the cab and the canopy. Lo and behold a passenger side panel of the rear window was shattered (spider glass fractures) with there is now a hole where the shattered glass had fallen through. I now remember my wife mentioning some burning rubber sometime earlier on our trip. I am now one of the victims of this poor design for the truck or rear window.

  56. Jesse Miller says:

    This happened to me on the way to work this morning. I have a 2010 F-150. I was stopped at a red light. It was 55 deg, and I had the defroster on because there was condensation on the window. I heard a loud pop like a rock had hit the car and looked back to see smoke and a shattered window. When I looked closer, the plastic trim on the corner of the window was melted, and I could see burn marks on the corner of the glass! Let’s see what Ford has to say about it. I’m not holding my breath.

  57. Mark B says:

    Just happened to my 2011 F-150. I was having problems with my defrost button. It would only come on when it wanted to. My truck was warming up this morning with the rear defroster on. I was actually getting ready to go to ford cause I had an appt. to fix my defrost button. Pulled out of my driveway when I noticed my rear passenger side section shattered. Waitin to hear back from ford on replacement.

  58. d.angell says:

    2012 f150 Lariat Super Crew….55k Drivers side rear glass shattered….no defrost light, loud noise, but no burnt smell….WTF

  59. Larry H says:

    Purchased 2011 F-150 Super Crew on 01/16/15. On the morning of 01/17/15 I hit the rear defrost button and noticed the light didn’t light up….few minutes later left rear window popped. Ford Dealer acted as if it was a one time thing. After I found this sight I went back to them and they admitted to it happening to some Ford trucks but didn’t offer to help out. One of the service guys told me once “I” replace the window I won’t ever have a problem again. He said the factory glass was not tempered for the heat of the defrost and the replacement one will be. I did file a complaint with the NHTSA and with FORD. Insurance is going to take care of it but Ford should be standing behind this. I still love my truck though, hope the new window fixes the problem.

  60. brad says:

    same with me 2014 fx4…back window spider cracked…it held together with the heat lines in it..sounded like a gun going off…50,000km they covered it under warrenty but will it happen again….the dealer had 2 windows in stock, what does that tell u….

  61. David says:

    same issue here just picked up my kids from school it was in the mid 40’s and BANG rear driver side window was shattered. Good thing none of the glass came out it would have sprayed all over my kids. Had satelite replace the glass and now the defogger light won’t come on so I will have to see if it’s the glass of the Truck.

  62. Frank says:

    2010 F-150 Lariat 20k miles same problem but I did not hsve the rear defroster on. Passenger side of rear slider totally spidered after hearing load pop while parked. Suspect insurance will cover with glass coverage but clearly a defect. Recall needed before passengers are injured!!!!

  63. Derek says:

    Hope everyone also sent a complaint to the NHTSA. Add my 2011 F150 the list – shattered passenger rear window when using the rear defroster on a cold morning. Ford won’t cover the repairs.

  64. Darin Anderson says:

    Add my 2011 FX4 crew cab to the list also. Used the remote start at -20c. Heard a loud bang, scared the s*** out of me. Passenger rear section of the window was shattered(rear defrost was on). Mileage 47000km. Lets hope the dealer ship will be understanding, with this on going defect.

    Calgary, AB.

  65. Kaleena says:

    My 2010 Lariat just did this with my daughter in the back seat this morning. We were at a complete stop in the drop off line at school and we heard and loud POP and my daughter said that she saw a little smoke coming off the window. Thank goodness there was no glass that came off the window and she was not hurt as she was in the back seat when it happened! We have had the truck 3 years now and this has not been the coldest day by far that I have ran the rear defroster but it was -8 this morning when it happened.

  66. Jody Lynn Benoit says:

    Same thing happened with my 2011 F150 crewcab Lariat the other day. 20 degrees and we had been driving for at least an hour when we turned the rear defrost on and within a minute the passenger side rear window shattered with a loud bang. We smelled the burnt rubber also. The dealer is saying that a fuse would blow first and that is has nothing to do with the defroster…..what a joke…FORD needs to stand up for its trucks like TOYOTA did for theres!!!!!

  67. Billy says:

    feb 12 2015 – I remote started my 2013 ford raptor 17k miles about 30 deg a few minutes later got in to drive off heard noise looked back and driver rear shattered
    waiting on fords response

  68. jay black says:

    My 2010 right side window shattered a year ago. Had it replaced and was told it wouldnt do it again. Well 13 months later it shattered again. Guess it will need replaced every winter.

  69. Shawn says:

    2011 F150 Super crew. On the way to work it was about -2 F. Ran rear defrost to melt frost/snow off and heard a pop. A vehicle was passing so I just figured they had kicked up a rock or something. Did not find out until later in the day that my driver side rear glass was all shatter cracked. Out of warranty but still going to try the ford dealer. Sounds like a sizable issue.

  70. Sean says:

    2011 f150HD hit the remote start on a 6 degree morning. Come outside to find the rear passenger side window shattered and still spidering into 10000 pieces. Made a safety complaint with NHTSA as everyone should. This causes visual impairment and should be a Safety recall. I will be contacting my attorney.

  71. AJ says:

    Happened to my 2012 in Saskatchewan, Canada….rear defrost stopped working, day later rear driver side window was shattered..called and spoke with ford dealership out here..stated its a known problem, and is still covered under full warranty…hope this helps

  72. Jamie says:

    2011 Raptor burning smell then a pop and the driver side rear window tile shattered they are tinted and the tint is not broke or ripped anywhere looks like it was from the inside. I called the Ford customer service Number and they informed my to pay for it out of pocket and keep receipts in-case the recall them . I did file a complaint here

  73. David says:

    2010 F-150. Same problem. Turned on defroster to defog windows (only 60 degrees outside) after a few minutes heard a loud pop. The passenger side of my 3 section rear window was completely shattered.

  74. Deanna says:

    Same happened to my husband’s 2010 Harley Davidson twice!!! First 2/2012 and again this morning. Rear defrost is causing the window to arc and shatter. Temperature here in NJ was approx. 35° on both occasions. Repair is $922. Opened a case with Ford, this is obviously a defect!

  75. jon says:

    I had the same problem happen today i was driving into work at 6:20 pm and i noticed a sizzling sound coming from the back of my truck. i looked back to see what was causing it and saw that there was some smoke coming from the bottom corner of the passenger side window closest to the middle. i looked to see an exit off the highway and when i looked i hear a loud “bang” i turned back to see my window was shattered. Only the rear passenger side window was out of the 3 section window set. It was 40 degrees fahrenheit outside and i had no heat or anything on in my truck to allow any current to go to that window. does anyone know if the dealership will cover this at all because this is not by any means something i did or could have prevented.

  76. Jimmy Freyman says:

    Just happened to me this morning, like 80 degrees out, turned on defroster when left house to remove condensation, stopped at light 20 minutes later loud pop…thought something hit my roof, looked in re-view mirror and seen back window driver side shattered. 2014 FX4, guess the problem is not corrected from the earlier models, waiting to hear back from dealer

  77. jimmy says:

    Same thing used my remote start came out side and my window was shattered . My truck has 32000 miles on it .This is messed up they will not cover it

  78. michael says:

    2011 Ford Raptor rear glass blew out last night for no reason. Sounded like a shotgun blast.

  79. DHM says:

    Driving around for two months now with window taped up after right passenger popped and shattered on rear window. Before that defrost was working on a on/off basis. 2011 FX4 f150

  80. gary stevens says:

    Rear defrost on 2013 f150 xlt crewcab doesn’t work. Also light indicator for it doesn’t light either. From what I been reading I don’t think I should get it fixed.

  81. I have a 2010 ford f150 with a three part sliding back glass and I turned my rear defrost on while on my way to take my kids to school it was 40 degrees out I heard a pop and looked back and the passenger side back glass was shattered still in place and not really noticeable from outside the vehicle so I turned the rear defrost off and switched the kids to the other seats away from the shattered window this is a problem that all the trucks from 2010 to 2012 have had and I for one think it’s time ford has a recall and fixes this issue before someone gets hurt we ride our children in the back seats and it’s a scary thing to think they can get Burnt up or cut by a back vehicle window

  82. rick gard says:

    I have a 2013 F150 xlt and the rear defrost doesn’t work 95% of the time. When I brought it to the dealer was one of the times it was working and they found no problem. I drive with my kids in car seats in the back and after reading some of this I’m afraid to have them back there. Now my warranty is over and $800 to replace the rear window doesn’t seem like it should be my responsibility. How many times does this have to happen before there is a recall? Or does someone have to get hurt first?

  83. rick gard says:

    Also, anyone with rear defrost or rear window breaking issues should report it to NHTSA. If enough complaints are made maybe there will be a recall. It only takes less than 5 minutes.

  84. Dustin Young says:

    My rear window is shattered after turning the rear defrost on. Like for real..

  85. John C says:

    Add another to the list. Coming home from work turned defroster on this morning gong to work same thing. Pop and passenger rear window of a three window split was shattered. Thought it was very odd as we have a full size cap on the bed of the truck. Will be calling the dealership in the AM.

  86. Rob T says:

    Wow….happened to me today. Same story as everyone else. There should be a recall!!

  87. Pete B says:

    2012 platinum. Passenger rear glass shattered for no apparent reason. No help from dealer. $580. Out of pocket. Nice.

  88. Dan says:

    2013 f150 Driver side rear window shattered 100 feet from house on the way to work.

  89. moe david says:

    rear window shattered on passanger side i have 2011 f150 now i have to pay for at ford said no no no no

  90. Kelly Lanning says:

    2015 F-150 Crew cab
    This morning while driving to work I heard a loud bang. I thought maybe a tire blew out. I looked around, no cars. Then I notice in the rear view mirror, it was my back glass. I do not have a rear defroster, so, I guess, that’s not the problem. It was about 60° outside, so it was not extremely hot or cold. Nothing hit the window, it just scattered. I’ve never heard of anything like this. It’s just frustrating.

  91. Justin Brown says:

    I have a 2011 Ford F-150 and I had the same thing happen to me this morning. The right side rear window shattered not long after I turned on the defroster. It scared my poor daughter to death!

  92. Don Holden says:

    2013 f-150 used remote start, came out in about 4 minutes to find drivers side of 3 panel slider was shattered. I didn’t turn on the rear defroster unless it comes on automatically when remote start is used.

  93. Don says:

    I started my 2013 F-150 crew cab with the remote start this morning because it was 26 degrees. Went out 10 minutes later, pulled out of the driveway, 100 feet down the road and I thought I heard a gunshot/something hit my truck. Got out, didn’t see anything then about 5 minutes later I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a spidered window. Called ford and am bringing it in so they can take pictures to try and get the repair covered. Will keep everyone updated.

  94. James says:

    2011 XLT Supercrew, while driving my daughter and her friends to a high school function, turned on rear defroster and after a couple of minutes heard a creaking noise and then a loud pop, passenger side rear of the 3 part sliding window had shattered, fortunately no glass entered the cab. I will be contacting Ford and filing a complaint with the NHTSA , it is our only recourse.

  95. Keith says:

    My second back glass shattered or (exploded), cause it sounds like a bomb has ignited in the cab when this happens. I have a 2013 raptor. The first time my truck was under warranty and they fixed it,but it’s not under warranty now and this happened today in WV at 9 degrees so I guess I will find out my fate tomorrow. (It’s a shame ford will recall vehicles with an air bubble in the window and neglect our problem!)

  96. Geoff Swartz says:

    2007 F150 Crew Cab here. 30 degrees today. Had snow on the front, looked in the back for the scraper and when I closed the door (didn’t slam it) boom, there went my rear window. No defrost… just the impact. Crazy pissed here!

  97. Tammy Ryan says:

    I just experienced the exact same issue today. Ford refuses to cover it and there is no recall.

  98. Jeff says:

    I have 2011 4 door raptor, heard a crackling noise on the way home from work last night coming from the back seat, I thought it was just ice on the roof or something. This morning Im backing out of the driveway and look in the rear view mirror to see the spider webbed glass on the rear passenger side window. I was shocked, I can’t remember if I used the defrost or not. Its Saturday night so I will have to deal with it Monday morning. Im not looking forward to this repair cost now that I’ve read the comments here. Im going to call the dealership and see what they say, and I will file a report. I’m a long time Ford customer and I hope they stand behind the issue.

  99. John Cline says:

    This just happened to me on my way to work, is there anything I can do about this?

  100. Chris says:

    2011 f150. Warmed up car for 5 minutes. 15 degrees outside in Minnesota. Opened front driver side door and heard a loud gun shot sound. Shattered glass on rear window. I will be filing safety complaint with nhtsa and continue calling ford to complain. $705 repair.

  101. colin says:

    Exactly same for me on my 2014 F150 .Rear driver side. Only had my rear defroster on about 20 mins prior to the loud bang and the glass shattering. Thought I would be able to just change the one glass panel but from what I am reading the whole back window will need replacing. With all these similar incidents it must be some sort of fault. Not looking forward to the bill.

  102. Dennis OBrien says:

    Well this is the second time that the rear window on my 2010 F150 crew cab blew out, first time was under warranty . this time I am on my own at a cost of $600.00. Called Ford and was told to take it to the dealer and see if they know why it blew out, LOL they did not know the first time. It is being replaced by an independent glass company with Ford wndow

  103. Chad Crow says:

    2014 Ford F-150- Another victim of rear my passenger rear window shattering with a loud bang with truck on for about 10min then pulling out of driveway and making it about 300 yards with my son in the back. Luckily it just scared him and didn’t get on him! But Seriously Ford enough with all these complaints on these trucks from this model to current shouldn’t you do something about it!! Definitely before a person gets seriously injured over it!!

  104. David N Mason says:

    I purchased a 2013 F150 69,000 miles remote started truck this morning. 33 degrees out. As soon as I put key in ignition my drivers rear window loud pop the exterior between camper to is shattered. Come on Ford no reason anyone should have to pay out of pocket for clearly a fault of y’all.

  105. Alan Phillips says:

    We have a 2011 Ford F-150 Platinum. Outside temperature 21 degrees with heavy frost. I used the remote start to start the engine as I was walking to our truck. We get inside and my son asked why my back right window had shattered. I noticed the rear window defrost was illuminated. I turned it off. Any resolution to this issue?

  106. Jose Tomas Perez says:

    Same exact thing happened to me already twice!. Two windows same section, right side. -5 degrees outside start the truck with remote start when jump on the truck window was shattered already for second time. I thought first time it might be related to the defrost so I disconnected when install the second window. No helping at all . This is very frustrating!

  107. Vince Rosario says:

    Just in the comments to add my 2011 f150 svt raptor to the list ! ‍♂️ same same … dont even need to get into details i can see its the same thing over and over …

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