™ Poll: Winter Weather Drives Up AGRR Demand

Almost 60 percent of AGRR companies have seen an upswing in business due to the harsh winter weather that has battered the East Coast and other states, according to™ readers who participated in a poll.

Seven percent of™ poll participants said they have seen business double or more due to the weather.

Thirty-three percent of™ readers said they have seen business climb by up to 10 percent due to the strong winter weather and 15 percent said business has grown by 11-19 percent.

Four percent said they have seen business climb by 20-30 percent.

Meanwhile, 26 percent of readers said the weather has not impacted their business.

And 15 percent said, “I live in an area where we do not get bad winter weather.”

How has your AGRR company fared this winter? Take the poll by clicking here.

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