USAA Reports Safelite Solutions Error Over Glass Repair Quotes

An error occurred in the Safelite Solutions (SGC) system from December 26, 2013 to January 9, 2014 in which USAA automotive glass repairs were quoted at a rate of $60. The rate should have been quoted at $50, according to a USAA spokesperson.

“Safelite has made us aware of the error and they are working to correct it,” says Roger Wildermuth, a USAA spokesperson.

Once the error was detected, Safelite Solutions sent out a letter to automotive glass shops saying the company would honor the higher quote.

“Our system has recognized the error and we’ve implemented steps to take appropriate action. Please know that SGC will honor the difference, issuing an additional payment to any of your shops that were misquoted during that timeframe. Any claim which was created on or after January 9 will reflect the correct rate of $50-flat for repairs,” according to the letter Safelite sent.

The USAA spokesperson confirmed the accuracy of this letter, which was shared by™ readers.

Glass shops owners and technicians who have questions regarding the situation are encouraged by Safelite Solutions to call (614) 602-2120.

Melina Metzger, Safelite’s public relations manager, says the software glitch affected a very small number of shops and that the system issue has been corrected.

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3 Responses to USAA Reports Safelite Solutions Error Over Glass Repair Quotes

  1. don d. says:

    You mean to tell me that USAA has lowered their price to the shops… Looks like the BS to the repair only shops going backwards in price agreement.
    The customers can start paying me cash and collect on their own…

    Cut Safelites gravy train income and go with another network also.. Cut their greed off………..

  2. Ron the Glass Guy says:

    Funny how safelite sets the requirments and you have to sign their agreement to be paid the higher price of $60 over the $50.

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