Mack Trucks, NHTSA Issue Recall Saying Potential Windshield Leak Could Impact Electronics

Mack Trucks and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are recalling certain model-year 2010-2012 CHU, CXU, GU and TD vehicles, reporting that the electronic power distribution module (EPDM) “may be contaminated from water leaks in and around the windshield.” Many automotive glass companies offer AGRR services for truck fleets, such as Mack Trucks.

“This recall obviously concerns those technicians who have a Mack truck fleet to service,” says Bob Beranek of Auto Glass Consultants.

“If exposed to water leaks, contaminants such as road salts may deposit on the EPDM,” officials write in the recall.

“Deposits of contaminants may result in the circuits being bridged, creating a high resistance short, increasing the risk of fire,” according to the recall.

Repair instructions are expected to be sent to dealers by early April, and Mack Truck owners will be notified of the recall in mid April. Volvo is the parent company to Mack Trucks.

“The recall repair will involve inspection of the EPDM with replacement if contamination has occurred,” writes Tim LaFon, vice president of regulatory affairs for Mack Trucks in a letter to NHTSA. “Additional measures will be taken to address the leak if contamination is found.”

“Reimbursement for cost incurred by the owner for ‘pre-notification remedies’ will be addressed on a case-by-case basis,” he adds.

The recall number is SC0375.

An investigation into this situation began in September 2013 by Mack Trucks and materials were sent to a third party test firm to review and analyze later in the year.

“There are 21 reports that have been identified that may be related to the safety-related defect,” LaFon writes.

The recall involves 22,450 vehicles. This includes 16,428 in the United States, 2,462 in Canada and 3,560 exports.

“The word of caution for those that do not work on these vehicles often is to pay particular care when installing this windshield and double check for leaks when the installation is completed. The ultrasonic leak detector is recommended because it is a dry test instead of a wet test that could cause damage to the module,” Beranek says.

Volvo officials had not responded to a request for comment at press time.

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