D’Ieteren Outlines Belron’s Business in General Presentation

In a presentation earlier this year available on the web, D’Ieteren’s management delved into how Belron contributes to the parent company. The company has two main divisions—Belron and D’Ieteren Auto. Belron, its vehicle glass repair and replacement business, which includes Safelite, contributes 52 percent of sales to the parent company, while its operating result represents 79 percent of business. Ninety-four percent of the company’s staff falls into the Belron category—25,645 individuals.

Belron serves 35 countries, has 2,400 branches and 8,600 mobile units.

The presentation offered a review of Belron’s total average workforce:

2013: 25,645

2012: 24,200

2011: 25,199

2010: 24,790

2009: 22,399

The Belron division handled 10.8 million jobs in 2013, compared to 10.4 million in 2012 and 11.3 million in 2011. The five-year peak in jobs was in 2010, when the company performed 11.7 automotive glass repair and replacement jobs.

Belron management also outlined the company’s workflow process in steps:

  1. Customer access, including customers contacting the call center or visiting a company website;
  2. The company representative collects customer details and identifies the correct vehicle;
  3. The company representative identifies the correct piece of glass;
  4. The customer’s insurance is validated;
  5. The representative checks the availability of stock;
  6. An appointment is booked for the customer;
  7. The company processes any excess payment; and
  8. The company provides service where and when the customer “desires.”

Belron’s external sales over the last five years include:

2013 $3.93 billion in USD (€2.84 billion in Euros)
2012 $3.78 billion in USD (€2.73 billion in Euros)
2011 $3.83 billion in USD (€2.77 billion in Euros)
2010 $3.88 billion in USD (€2.8 billion in Euros)
2009 $3.35 billion in USD (€2.42 billion in Euros)


The division generated EBITDA cash of $378.59 million in USD (€273.5 million in Euros) for 2013, compared to $405.16 million in USD (€292.7 million in Euros) for 2012.

The company did not offer any specifics on the North American market or Safelite.

To view the full report, click here.

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