AGRR Companies Rally to Help Customers after Softball-Sized Hail Slams Abilene, Texas

The Binswanger Glass team in Abilene, Texas, is working overtime to keep up with demand after the area was pummeled with softball-sized hail late last week. The shop, which isn’t normally open weekends, will be open this weekend to try to take care of all the customers with automotive glass damage.

“We are seeing a lot of damaged auto glass,” says Yolanda Daniel, office coordinator for the Binswanger branch.

“The North side of town got hit pretty hard by hail,” she says. “The hospital and collage was hit and there is a lot of auto damage.”

One of the team’s biggest challenges is ensuring they get the inventory they need for customers.

“We’re trying to get all the parts here,” Daniel explains. “It’s hard to get parts out here. The trucks come once a week or once every other night. It’s not like in Dallas where they come a few times a day. We are trying to see if we can arrange special deliveries.”

Calls to four other shops in the area went unanswered and several of the voice mailboxes were full.

At Caffey’s Auto Glass in Abilene, Texas, the shop team has been overwhelmed with calls, according to a local report.

Owner Craig Caffey says the damage was widespread. The company’s parking lot was so full of cars they had to start parking them across the street.

KIRO 7’s meteorologist Morgan Palmer rode the storm out at the regional airport.

“As I was at the small Abilene airport, we were under a severe thunderstorm warning and I could see on radar the storm with large hail already reported bearing down on the city from the north. However, they decided to board us anyway,” he explains in a blog post.  “The wind and lightning increased in the few minutes we were on the plane. I was sure they were going to have us get off, but to my amazement, we departed from the gate.

“[W]hen the hail finally subsided, we went back to the gate and deplaned,” he adds. “I overheard a maintenance engineer tell one of the gate agents that the airplane looked like it had been struck all over by a ball-peen hammer. Unfortunately, there was not a good angle to get video of the damage from the terminal window.”

For more photos of the hail damage, click here.

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