Chrysler Issues Recall Related to Side-View Mirror Wiring

Chrysler Group is in the process of voluntarily recalling approximately 437,000 SUVs globally to relocate an electrical connection related to power side-view mirrors.

According to an announcement from Chrysler, the company has been notified of three instances in which a wiring harness for a power side-view mirror exhibited signs of overheating. All three cases occurred in Canada and were related to winter driving conditions, according to the company.

No known injuries or accidents have resulted from the issue, according to Chrysler.
In investigating the issue, engineers have found that an electrical connector that supplies power to a side-view mirror may be subject to moisture exposure. To fix the issue, the power feed will be shifted to an alternate source and the existing connection will be equipped with a protective shield.

Affected are certain Jeep Wrangler SUVs, model years 2011-2013. Approximately 313,236 are in the U.S.; 39,627 are in Canada; 5,685 in Mexico; and 78,369 outside North America.
All affected customers will be notified by Chrysler, which will cover the cost of the repairs.

Chrysler officials declined to identify who supplied the mirrors and wiring in question.

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