IGA and Society of Collision Repair Specialists Partner

The Independent Glass Association (IGA) has joined the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) as a company member. The association’s membership goal is to address education and industry best practices in relation to automotive glass repair and replacement services at collision repair companies.

“The AGRR and collision repair industries face the same issues as they relate to the complexities involved in the handling of automotive glass services for customers of all types, including those with insurance claims,” says Gary Hart, IGA executive director. “We all share the common goal of providing quality repairs focused on safety while being fairly compensated and without obstruction from third-party administrators and their discriminative programs.”

“Many of our members have been challenged by the same issues as their colleagues in the automotive glass industry,” says Aaron Schulenburg, executive director of the SCRS. “With the IGA’s support, we are confident that we can identify a lot of the commonalities and potential solutions that will ultimately benefit businesses in both industries. We are excited to have the support of membership from the IGA, and look forward to their participation with SCRS.”

SCRS members can now apply for IGA membership at http://www.iga.org/scrs. The IGA is extending SCRS members $50 off any new membership through December 31, 2014 in addition to an IGA new member discount of an additional $50 off ($100 total savings).

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