Pennsylvania May Again Consider Scrapping Annual Vehicle Inspections

Pennsylvania May Again Consider Scrapping Annual Vehicle Inspections

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  1. John Jackson says:

    I’ve read comments from state inspectors claiming that numerous vehicles are severely in need of repairs when they are inspected. However, this claim goes more to prove my argument for the law being unconstitutional than it does for the safety that these inspections provide. If these vehicles are so unsafe then what can we assume about the condition of vehicles crossing state boarders from states that do not require an inspection, but are here based on state legislators need for tourism. Federal legislators claim that it is a state issue. However, if my claim is correct and the program does discriminate between state residents and the treatment of vehicle owners entering the state then it is a federal issue which also involves interstate commerce. Don’t we expect individuals crossing our state boarders to comply with our state’s speed limit laws, and don’t we provide weigh stations for large trucks entering our highways. If state legislators want to claim state’s rights then someone should remind them of the courts decision on the gay marriage ban. And if the program were to be fair to all residents of all states to comply with a required safety issue then it would be a federal mandate, not a state mandate.

    Please read my argument below:

    Subject: Eliminate the State Vehicle Safety Inspection Mandate.


    21st CENTURY?!!!!!

    The Virginia State Vehicle Safety Inspection Mandate is unconstitutional because it discriminates against all of Virginia’s vehicle owners by requiring that they submit to having their vehicles certified annually or lose the privilege of driving on the very roads that their tax dollars are used to maintain while allowing vehicles that are not registered in Virginia to enter our boarders and travel upon the very same roads unencumbered by this mandate, potentially putting the lives of the individuals that submitted to the mandate and proved compliance in peril from vehicles that are not regulated and may be deemed unsafe based on the same Virginia Safety Inspection criteria.

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