Glass Industry Launches Petition Against “Steering”

Nearly 100 automotive glass company owners, technicians and vendors have signed a petition called “Auto Glass Industry National Right to Fair Trade Petition” at The goal of the Care2 Petition is to “restore free and fair trade to the auto glass industry so that that consumers will have the freedom of choice when it comes to what repair shop works on their vehicles and so that the business agreements between consumers and their chosen repair shops are not interfered with improperly and unduly,” according to the website.

The petition is directed to the U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division.

“Insurance policies are not written like medical policies,” writes Larry Hamilton of Iowa, who signed. “The insurance company does not have the right to ‘steer’ the policy holder to any particular shop! They have the right to choose where the work is done, no matter how their call center wants to put doubt in their minds!”

“Customers deserve the right to choose without auto glass networks pushing them to their own companies,” writes Eric Bray of Mississippi, who also signed the petition.

“Let’s make this an improved playing/working field for all,” writes Ina Machuca of Colorado. and were founded in 1998 by Randy Paynter to “empower individuals to take collective action in support of social and environmental causes,” according to the site.

Will you sign the petition? How do you feel about this topic? Email your thoughts to or share them on the™/AGRR magazine™ forum here.

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1 Response to Glass Industry Launches Petition Against “Steering”

  1. Kerry Soat says:

    Seriously, the auto glass industry has to look for new ways to combat steering instead of looking for the legal or legislative avenues. The War was lost years ago in the Health Insurance business with PPO’s, HMO’s and TPA’s. In fact, how many of you buy your health insurance based on being able to go to a PPO network?
    Granted some of the TPA’s in the glass industry, namely one, take it to far but how many thousands have we all spent on taking this to court?
    The insurance companies listen to their clients “not glass companies”, state insurance departments regulate insurance companies “not glass companies”, and the courts have usually ruled against us in the past because steering laws apply to insurance companies “not glass companies”.
    It is time to focus on taking this issue to the public and your clients. That’s what we do at Fas-Break and with great success. “Who ever controls the client, Wins”.
    It is time to take this battle to the street!!!
    Kerry Soat

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