Boyle’s Emergency Motion for Stay in Case Versus GlasWeld Denied

In a document filed on March 6, U.S. district judge Ann Aiken ruled that a motion for stay filed by Michael Boyle, defendant representing Surface Dynamix versus GlasWeld Systems Inc., has been denied.

The court timeline “generally accommodate[s] [the] defendant’s needs,” the judge said, though the ruling leaves room for emergency circumstances.

Boyle had filed a request more than three months ago for a stay of 120 days due to scheduled surgery. The judge’s recent ruling, requiring the deposition to take place within 90 days of March 6, gave him ample recovery time, he said.

Also of note, the court will allow depositions of two additional expert witnesses out of these four people: Thomas Inman, Eric How, Andrew Segers and Don Gregor. The court will also hear the depositions of Randy Mackey, Justin Price, Michael Boyle and Christopher Boyle. The document reads, “the parties dispute other potential deponents and matters relating to the discovery.”

The court will allow GlasWeld to depose John Waltozs and two additional defense expert witnesses. The court also ruled that the defendants will not be able to depose Thomas or Shiloh Spoo, Javier Sobriety, Mark Blackell, Randy Diet, Dana Scarier, or Robert Beveridge “as such witnesses are not relevant to the issues raised in plaintiff’s motion for summary judgement,” according to the court document.

To read the court’s recent decision in its entirety, click here.

To read Mike Boyle’s response to GlasWeld’s interrogatories, click here.

To read GlasWeld’s discovery report, click here.

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