TODAY’S BLOG: You Always Remember Your First

Some of you may know that your beloved, dedicated editor, Jenna Reed, will be out for a few days.

That means I, the editor of Window Film magazine, sister publication to AGRR magazine, am “subbing” for her.

This doesn’t happen often … maybe a few times per year. But today, a strange coincidence happened.

On my way to work (aka write about AGRR services), for the first time ever a rock flew up and put a pretty significant mark in my window.

I sat there dumbfounded by the odds of that happening today of all days—so imagine my surprise when a little ways down the road, it happened again.

The experience made me grateful for the windshield repair technicians nationwide who stop cracks like the one I got from becoming something much worse. It also made me appreciate, which helps equip people in this industry to do what they do.

So that’s really all I wanted to say besides if you’re a repair technician in the Stafford, Va., area, I may be seeing you very soon.

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