AccuTec Blades Acquires Industrial Blades Division from Edgewell Personal Care Co.

AccuTec Blades has purchased Edgewell Personal Care Co.’s (EPC) industrial blades division. EPC announced in May 2015 its intent to discontinue its industrial blade operations in Verona, Va. and Obregon, Mexico. The sale of the division is now complete.

“Our new name, AccuTec Blades, reflects the precision and accuracy of the products we develop, and underscores our long-legacy of quality and technical excellence,” says Rick Gagliano, the newly-appointed president and CEO of AccuTec Blades.

Bob Senesac, director of marketing, AccuTec Blades adds, “We are very happy to be able to continue to use the Personna, GEM by Personna and American Line brands, as these names are well-known in the specialty, medical and professional industries. We look forward to continuing to promote these brands in the various markets we serve.”

EPC acquired the industrial blades division in a deal with American Safety Razor in 2011. EPC will be retaining the Personna brand and will continue to market wet shaving products under this name, only divesting the industrial blades business in this sale.

“We expect a smooth transition and are committed to continue delivering timely shipments to all of our customers,” says Sheila Henry, director of supply chain for AccuTec Blades. “We are working closely with our vendors to ensure strong, ongoing business partnerships that are mutually-beneficial.”

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