Auto Glass Association of Australia Launches Online Learning

The Auto Glass Association (AGA) of Australia has launched an online training portal for AGRR specialists in Australia. The courses are designed to update technicians on technological advances, OE requirements, compliance issues and technical standards.

“For years, auto glass technicians have been crying-out for a standardized training program to keep them on the front foot of industry developments,” says Murray McGrath, AGA president. “New technologies are introduced almost every week that impact how auto glass should be repaired or replaced. Information on business topics like OH&S is also in demand. Both these areas are covered within the AGA’s new training portal.”

“Lifting the standards is the AGA’s mandate, it underpins everything we do,” Murray adds. “That’s why this online training facility is so vital to our industry. It will help raise and maintain the quality, service, knowledge and business acumen of its stakeholders.”

The training portal can be accessed by anyone, whether they’re members of the AGA or not. However, significantly reduced rates are offered only to AGA members.

Every AGA member in 2015 – 2016 will receive one complimentary license for the Auto Glass Induction Course, according to Murray. The course is designed for industry newcomers, whether they’re apprentice technicians, receptionists, sales managers, consultants or assistants. It’s a crash-course in the world of automotive glass, explaining the terminology and concepts particular to the industry. Modules include automotive glass, accessories, tools, adhesives, repairs and replacements and the standards.

Certificates are awarded at the successful completion of each course.

“The new AGA training portal is the cornerstone of our education program,” Murray says.

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