Fox News Contributor Backs Off Auto Glass Week™ Comment

David Rohlfing

David Rohlfing

“Did anyone get jealous when Suzy [Welch] said she and Jack [Welch] went to that auto glass installer conference? I’m sorry but apparently I’m missing all of these really cool events,” Gary Smith said with apparent sarcasm on a recent Fox News show featuring Suzy Welch.

David Rohlfing, vice president of the Auto Glass Safety Council and vice president of operations for Club Assist in Chicago, was quick to Tweet, “Hey @garybsmith @FoxNews #bullsandbears autoglass installers save lives every day! How about you? @autoglassweek @SuzyWelch #AGW2015 #AGRR”

To which Smith replied, “Love it!!  Well put, David.”

Gary Smith joined Fox News Channel in 1999 and is currently a regular commentator on “Bulls & Bears.”

Discussion on the Fox News show centered on Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders’ call for a payroll tax hike.

The more we tax, the less people are going to want to work, noted Suzy Welch.

“My husband Jack [Welch] and I were recently in Reno at a conference of auto glass installers. One man stood up and asked, ‘How many of you would hire someone if you could when you go home but you can’t find someone who will take a job for a little bit above minimum wage?’ And every single person in the room raised their hand.”

To watch the full video, click here.

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