Safelite Solutions Charges Transactional Fee for Immediate Pay Program

fingertipsSafelite Solutions is offering in-network and non-network AGRR companies the option of signing up for an immediate pay program. There is a 2-percent transactional fee to participate.

Immediate means within five days of acceptance. Acceptance means Safelite Solutions agrees the customer has been billed correctly.

“Invoices which are billed correctly are accepted and cleared for processing,” according to the company.

“This new service will not only issue your payments via electronic funds transfer (EFT), but will do so within five days from the acceptance of your invoice,” according an email obtained by™ editors that is being sent by Safelite Solutions to AGRR companies.

In a fact sheet attached to the email, Safelite Solutions says there is a review process after it receives an automotive glass invoice.

If an AGRR company owner signs up for the program and decides to later opt out, he or she must send a written request and will be removed ten days after receipt.

Reacting to the email, Kerry Soat, owner of Fas-Break in Chandler, Ariz., says: “Two percent of the total paid is, in my opinion, a lot to get paid a little faster than should be normal.”

The immediate pay program began more than two years ago, according to Melina Metzger, public relations manager for Safelite Group.

To read a copy of the Special Immediate Pay Agreement and Fact Sheet obtained by™, click here.

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