AGSC AGRSS™ Standards Committee Addresses ADAS Issue


The AGSC AGRSS Standards Committee is in the process of tackling how to handle Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

The challenges presented to the automotive glass industry by the advent of Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)—not to mention the potential culture change—are being felt at nearly every aspect of Auto Glass Week™ in San Antonio.

Nowhere was that more evident than in the Automotive Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) AGRSS Standards Committee meeting early October 5 as Auto Glass Week got underway.

After stating the goal of the session as reaching an agreement on “improving the language” of the AGRSS Standard regarding ADAS, particularly recalibration, committee chair Bob Beranek found himself navigating the tricky waters of defining those standards.

The committee’s ultimate intent, Beranek said, was to develop clear guidelines specifying what conditions are necessary before a technician should replace glass in cases where ADAS recalibration may be required.

The language in question came in Section 4.2 of the standard and effectively forbids a glass repair technician from attempting to recalibrate an ADAS system or device—even though that same paragraph sets out a policy for a technician to follow if he does replace the glass.

Also contentious was a section 4.3, which states that technicians “must strictly follow the OEM’s recalibration specifications.” Some members argued using “OEM-approved” or “-recommended” language was too constricting and would result in never getting approval. The other side of the argument, however, held that holding to a standard of “OEM-approved” was necessary to prevent possible litigation and liabilities. The language “follow manufacturer’s specifications” or “meets OEM standards” was generally more well-received by most in attendance.

In the end, however, Beranek said, the group was able to agree on language that struck a balance between the two.

The newly revised standard is expected to be available for comment soon.

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