Corning Looks to Make Gains in Automotive Market

Dr. Vikram Bhatia of Corning, Inc., speaks at Auto Glass Week in San Antonio, Texas, October 6.

Dr. Vikram Bhatia of Corning, Inc., speaks at Auto Glass Week in San Antonio, Texas.

Gorilla Glass is developed through a two-step proprietary process. The first is a fusion forming process that makes the glass; the second is a chemical strengthening process called an ion exchange. This process gives the glass a lighter weight and higher durability than standard glass. Gorilla Glass is up to 18 times stronger and 30 to 40 percent lighter than SLG, Bhatia said.

Using live demonstrations with audience members to illustrate his points, Bhatia pointed out that while it’s not impossible to break the glass, “the probability of breaking this glass is much, much lower.”

In addition to its durability, Bhatia said the light weight of the glass is a significant selling point in today’s auto industry. With an inner ply that is one-third the thickness of conventional glass, Gorilla Glass makes possible better fuel economy, lower carbon dioxide emissions, improved handling and better glazing performance.

Corning has already made inroads in the automotive market, said Eric Biribize, spokesman for Corning. The company developed its first windshield for the Ford GT. Corning has also developed a windshield for the BMW I8.

“We’re taking our consumer success to auto industry,” Biribize said. “We look forward to having this product be part of the aftermarket. We’re trying to bring different options to replacement glass. We can help independents and consumers with a window that is lighter and tougher.”

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