BREAKING NEWS: Methodology Review is “Necessary,” says Mitchell VP

By Deb Levy

The news yesterday that NAGS would be pulling back its January 2017 Benchmark pricing and reverting the pricing provided in the September 2016 update left many auto glass companies evaluating how such pricing changes would affect their businesses.

In an exclusive interview with™ magazine Thursday afternoon, Mitchell senior vice president of services and operations John Gilmartin elaborated on the change and explained the decision to begin a review of the process and methodology used to develop the Benchmark prices.

Mitchell International is the owner of NAGS and produces its Benchmark pricing, NAGS Part Numbers and Labor Times among other data.

“After the January update was released, we had a number of inquiries and questions from customers and others, so we decided it was time to do a full review of the processes and the methodology we use to develop the Benchmark pricing,” said Gilmartin, who has been with the organization for 22 years. “We thought it best to slow down and do the review, so that is why we are reverting to the September pricing.”

When asked if he thought the companies that provide pricing data for use in the NAGS benchmark pricing algorithm had perhaps developed ways to effectuate results they wanted, Gilmartin said there are “always some inherent challenges when working with third-party providers of such data, which is why we want to do the full review. It’s a good time for it.”

Gilmartin said all licensees should have seen the reversion to September 2016 pricing yesterday and that software companies and Value-Added-Retailers were also making the change. Glassmate users would be receiving new disks shortly.

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