U.S. Travel Continues Upward Trend

Based on preliminary reports from state highway agencies, travel during November 2016 on all U.S. roads and streets in the nation changed by 4.3 percent (10.8 billion vehicle miles) resulting in estimated travel for the month at 262.2 billion vehicle-miles, according the Federal Highway Administration.

This total includes 79.0 billion vehicle-miles on rural roads and 183.3 billion vehicle-miles on urban roads and streets. The larger changes to rural and urban travel are primarily because of the expansion in urban boundaries reflected in the 2000 census.

All regions of the country saw an increase compared to the same time period a year ago, with the West region seeing a significant increase (6.8 percent) over the rest of the country.

Change in traffic as compared to same month last year (billions):


Region Total Travel Percentage Change
North-East 35.6 1.8
South-Atlantic 56 4.4
North-Central 57.3 3.7
South-Gulf 51 3.6
West 62.3 6.8


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