Pilkington to Invest $7.5 M in Upgrades to Versailles Facility

Pilkington North America Inc., has announced its plans to invest $7.5 million in technology and manufacturing upgrades to its Versailles facilities, said Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin. The facility has been in operation since 1987.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin

“For the past 30 years, Pilkington North America has proven itself a reliable job provider in Woodford County and an important member of Kentucky’s thriving automotive engineering and manufacturing industry,” said Gov. Bevin. “Their latest investment reaffirms the company’s commitment to the community and its mission to provide high-tech products for its customers. The commonwealth is pleased to support this project and help ensure many more years of continued growth.”

The company plans to purchase new equipment to meet the current and future demands of customers. Its newly developed proprietary technology will support production of its formed glass pieces, as well as the polyvinyl butyral inner layer used to assemble windshields with Head-Up Display (HUD).

“This investment will help strengthen NSG Group’s market leadership in the value-added product segment,” said Rick Frampton, regional director automotive, North America. The NSG Group, parent company of Pilkington, is a Japan-based manufacturer of glass and glazing products for the automotive, architectural and technical glass markets.

“Congratulations to Pilkington on updating the technology at its Versailles facility to better meet its manufacturing needs,” said Sen. Julian Carroll, of Frankfort, who believes the investment will have a positive impact on the region. “Versailles, Woodford County and the surrounding region welcome the growth that will be generated and stand ready with a skilled workforce to meet any future needs.”

Rep. James Kay, of Versailles, said the project highlights the pro-business partnership between the company and Woodford County. “It is a great day for Woodford County to see Pilkington expand their Versailles glass operation, which already employs nearly 300 people, many of whom are Woodford Countians,” he said. “Versailles Mayor Brian Traugott expressed similar appreciation for the company’s commitment to the community. “We are grateful that Pilkington North America is investing in their future in Versailles,” he said, “they are an important part of our industrial base and provide many high-paying jobs.”

The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority approved the company for tax incentives up to $700,000 through the Kentucky Reinvestment Act in hopes of spurring investment and job retention within the community. The incentive is performance-based and will allow the company to keep a portion of its investment over the agreement term through corporate income tax credits by meeting job retention and investment goals.

Pilkington can also receive resources from the Kentucky Skills Network, which would allow the company to receive no-cost recruitment and job placement services, reduced-cost customized training and job training incentives.

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