Sika Global Automotive Introduces New Campaign

Sika Automotive aims to improve safety standards and sustainability in the automotive industry by launching its latest campaign “Benefits Beyond the Bond.” Included is an infographic series designed to promote ways manufacturers and suppliers can improve upon vehicle design by minimizing unnecessary materials while also reducing weight without effecting performance.

“In showing not only the solutions, but also the longer term benefits Sika can provide in addressing the automotive industry’s biggest mega-trends through the use of our products, the series is illustrative as to how Sika is a thought leader in the industry,” says Greg Moran, Head Global Automotive Marketing.

Sika Automotive announced its plans in a private reception at the 2017 North American International Auto Show to demonstrate to attendees the innovation and solutions that Sika can offer. To help promote their efforts, Sika has launched a website to inform readers on their innovations.

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