Terminated Employee Files Declaration against Safelite

Mauro Castillo Vidal, an ex-Safelite employee who initiated a lawsuit against his former company alleging multiple instances of discrimination, has filed a response to the Safelite’s motion for summary judgement.

Vidal worked as a warehouse driver since being hired by the company in May 2007, until his termination in July 2010. He filed the lawsuit with U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California after his termination. Claiming that Safelite is in violation of Americans with Disabilities Act, California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Vidal says that management began to act differently towards him. This happened after his wife, Christina Vidal, who was also employed by Safelite, filed a lawsuit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the company for terminating her employment, claiming that she was discriminated against.

“I remember meeting with Elena Mafnas and Max McDonald in the conference room in the warehouse. I was asked why Christina was suing the company. I told them I felt uncomfortable with their questions because it was between Christina and the company,” Vidal says in the court documents.

Vidal and Safelite had entered into private mediation this past summer to discuss the case, but were unable to reach an agreement. On February 7, 2017, Safelite motioned for summary judgment (dismissal) to which Vidal has made a declaration in opposition of summary judgment.

In his declaration, Vidal, who is Latino, claimed racial discrimination by managers of the company, stating that they would often call minorities racial slurs. The plaintiff also claims they tried to get him to quit his position by cutting his work hours and taking disciplinary against him unjustly. Vidal says that he had raised his concerns with management on more than one occasion, but says the matter was never addressed.

Safelite has denied claims of discrimination and states that Vidal was terminated for violating their ethics policy by making false statements.

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