Discrimination Lawsuit against Safelite dropped by Terminated Employee

Christina Castillo has dropped her lawsuit of alleged discriminatory behavior against Safelite. Her husband Vidal’s lawsuit remains ongoing.

According to court papers, Castillo suffered two seizures while on the job as inventory control, a position she held since April 2007, but had to take medical leave in December of that year due to seizures at work on two separate occasions. When Castillo returned to work after the second episode, she provided medical records to management, who instructed her that she should not return to the position until she was “seizure-free,” according to her attorney.

In February 2008, Castillo returned to work with a note from her doctor clearing her for work, but stating that it could not be guaranteed that a patient with Epilepsy would not suffer another seizure. Once returning to work, Castillo alleged that management forced her to go home on multiple occasions, stating that did not look well, according to court documents. Castillo then received a final warning for missing days at work.

Castillo provided Safelite with medical records to document her further medical issues, then received notice from the company that her Family Medical Act leave would be ending in July 2009, and would be terminated if she were unable to return to work by then.

Castillo and Safelife entered into private mediation this past fall, with the trial originally scheduled to begin June 2017, but was rescheduled for September 2017

On February 2, 2017, Castillo motioned for dismissal with agreement not to bring the issue back to court, which was granted.

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