Dwyer Group Announces 2017 Women in the Trades Scholarship Recipients

The Women in the Trades (WITT) program, launched by Dina Dwyer-Owens and The Dwyer Group, Inc., has announced three more women as the latest recipients for the 2017 Women in the Trades Scholarship for the upcoming fall semester. Each will receive a $1,500 scholarship for demonstrating outstanding work, experience and passion for their chosen service trades industry. To-date, the WITT program has awarded more than $40,500 to 27 scholarship recipients.

“What I experienced on the front lines across our service brands in front of millions of TV viewers forever [after appearing on Undercover Boss] changed my perspective on the opportunities that exist for women in the service trades,” said Dwyer-Owens, who now serves as co-chair of Dwyer Group. “The opportunities are endless. And twice a year, WITT scholarship recipients reinforce that desire for ways to advance in the profession. The three women who have received our latest Women in the Trades scholarships are an inspiration to us all at Dwyer Group,” she added.

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