Horace Mann Insurance Updates Fast Glass Service Message

The Illinois-based insurance provider, who has been providing insurance to teachers since 1945, has added a new disclaimer to its Fast Glass Service hotline within the last year.When a caller is waiting to be connected to an agent, they will hear a recording explaining that they are actually speaking with Safelite Solutions.

“Thank you for calling the Horace Mann Fast Glass Service, your call is being answered and recorded by Safelite Solutions. Horace Mann Insurance has agreed to pay fees to Safelite Solutions to process automobile glass claims on its behalf. Safelite Solutions is an entity separate from Horace Mann, and is financially affiliated with Safelite Auto Glass,” says the recording.

According to a Safelite phone operator, the recording is for proper disclosure purposes.

“It means they’re still thinking about the independent glass people,” says Peter Brown, owner of Tiny & Sons Glass in Pembroke. “It’s good for the industry as a whole because it helps us, especially when we’re marketing, that we know that Horace Mann is not directly steering. They’re giving us an opportunity, even though they’re not mentioning our name, they’re giving us an opportunity to compete,” he added.

“As a whole, Horace Mann is a very small part of the industry, but you can see the shift coming, because Safelite can’t handle all the installs, there’s no way,” Brown said.

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5 Responses to Horace Mann Insurance Updates Fast Glass Service Message

  1. Ron Jolliff says:

    I’m sorry….did I miss something here. I believe I heard Safelite Glass is the administrative claims company, and NOTHING about independent glass companies being an option to use. Same old same old. The insurance companies couldn’t care less who performs the job.
    I am visiting my insurance agent accounts every day having to explain how THE SYSTEM REALY WORKS…. not how the insurance company says it works.
    Have your agent or their policyholder CALL YOU…then you contact the network to report the claim. You then have it captured.

    Ron Jolliff
    Jolliff Glass Co
    Peoria IL

  2. Larry H says:

    They’re not thinking of the Independent Glass Shop. The lawyers are protecting Safelite and the Insurance company from lawsuits. That’s their “legal” disclosure allowing them to get by with steering our customer to Safelite.

  3. Daveycrewcut says:

    Unless Horace Mann also notifies their insured that they have the right to choose their own service provider before transferring the call to Safelite, they are in violation of IL law and the laws of most other states that require said notice.

    The “disclaimer” actually deceives the insured into thinking that Horace Mann wants them to choose Safelite and not use their preferred service provider.

    Horace Mann has chosen a biased TPA in Safelite in violation of public policy that goes against conflicts of interest. It goes against public policy established by laws that ban steering. Horace Mann, in concert with Safelite, has selected a TPA that allows them to control prices that Safelite network participants are allowed to charge and then uses those established prices as a so called “prevailing competitive price” in violation of antitrust laws.

    Horace Mann should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. pinky kanyant says:

    Are you kidding me Tiny and Sons

    They are allowing Safelite to brand there name 4 times during the script.

    Is this fair play???????????????

    All Insurance companies allow the same scripting very bad for the industry TINY AND SONS

  5. Daveycrewcut says:

    I totally disagree with Mr. Brown. The script mentioned in this article does nothing but confuse the listener, i.e. your potential customer. When one hears the “disclaimer”, he or she is lead to believe that Horace Mann wants them to have Safelite repair or replace their auto glass. They are deceived into thinking that since Horace Mann is paying fees to Safelite, they can’t use their otherwise preferred provider.

    Even if Safelite tells the customer that they can choose someone else to do the repair, the customer is coerced into accepting Safelite so as not to anger Horace Mann.

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