Denver Auto Glass Shops in a Bind Following Hail Storm

Denver auto glass repair and replacement shops, as well as those in surrounding counties, have been flooded with calls following the major hail storm that ripped through the city on Monday afternoon.

Hundreds of vehicles in the area were left with broken windshields, sidelites and rear windshields, as hail rained down on the metro area for an hour. According to a National Weather Service meteorologist, the largest piece of hail recorded was 2 ¾ inches in diameter, and others within the area reported hail 1 to 2 inches in diameter.


“Every technician we have is out installing right now,” says Ceanne Burnett, a customer service representative for Auto Glass Now Denver. According to Burnett, since Monday, she’s received anywhere between 300 to 700 phone calls a day at just that one location.

One of the company’s technicians, she adds, spent his entire day at one office building, installing new windshields on every car in the parking lot.

“We’re trying to accommodate everyone,” Burnett continues, “but trying to find glass for the replacements is even a problem with so many vehicles damaged.”


It’s too soon to calculate the total amount of damage the hail storm caused, but given the volume of calls reported, full company voice-mails, and the number of times I was told, “Could you hold, please?” it’s safe to assume the damage is pretty extensive.

Peter Sorenson, owner of RC & C Auto Glass, in Littleton, Colo., just south of Denver, says he’s been working overtime just to try and accommodate everyone’s needs. “I’m a little overwhelmed right now,” he explains. “I’ve received non-stop calls since 4 o’clock on Monday.” He, too, reports receiving at least a hundred phone calls a day.


“Every auto glass company is in a pinch right now,” Sorenson continues. “Trying to accommodate everyone, and having the man power to do so—it’s difficult.”

Sorenson adds that he’s a one-man shop, “working 5 am to 10 pm daily,” since the storm rolled through. “Cars are severely damaged, and, at this point, we’re all just trying to get them functioning,” he says. “Fixed? Now that’s another story.”

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