Former Employee Amends Complaint against Fuyao Glass America    

Two former Fuyao Glass America employees have joined Julia Staggs in the lawsuit against the auto glass manufacturer. Staggs, John Greene and Stephen Newman (Plaintiffs) are suing the company for alleged unpaid wages and unpaid overtime.

Greene began working at the Moraine, Ohio facility as an hourly production line worker on June 11, 2016 and terminated his employment December 28, 2016. Newman was an hourly production line worker for the company’s auto glass replacement department. His tenure with company began in September 2013 and was terminated in May 2017.

The plaintiffs claim they each worked at least 40 hours a week, and regularly worked outside of their scheduled shifts and were never paid for overtime hours. According to the document, overtime pay was equal to time and half.

Newman alleges the company went so far as to round his hours during the times he worked earlier or later than his scheduled shifts. He claims to have complained to the company’s management several times about “working off the clock,” but was still not compensated for the worked hours.

The plaintiffs are seeking class action on behalf of themselves and all current and former hourly, non-exempt production employees working at the Moraine, Ohio facility.

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