New York Bill Aims to Prevent Steering

A bill introduced in New York this week (NY A 8111) would amend the Insurance Law concerning windshield repairs and replacement.

The proposed legislation “prohibits automotive insurance companies or their agent from requiring or suggesting their insured utilize a specific person for window glass repairs and if a suggestion is made, a specific statement must accompany the suggestion.” The bill also proposes that language.

“If there is any communication between a glass claims representative for an insurance company doing business in this state or a third-party claims administrator for such company and an insured regarding automotive glass work or automobile glass products, in the initial contact with the insured, such representative or claims administrator shall state or disclose to the insured a statement substantially similar to the following: ‘You have the right to choose a licensed glass shop where the damage to your motor vehicle will be repaired. If you have a preference, please let us know.’

The bill was introduced by Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr., independent in the First District of New York, and was referred to the Assembly Committee on Insurance.

Earlier this year a bill was introduced in New York that would have tightened anti-steering disclosures—except those solely involving auto glass. The auto glass industry rallied against that bill. While it did pass the New York Assembly on March 23 and returned to the Senate, according to state legislature’s website, it has not moved forward since then.

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