Former Technicians Sue Safelite Due to “Forty Hour Plan”

Two former Maryland Safelite technicians are suing the company for alleged unpaid wages, according to a July 31 lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court of Maryland Northern Division. Plaintiffs Lamar Mackall and Ryan Hunter claim the company illegally altered employee time cards so it would not have to pay its employees overtime, or any hours worked over 40.

The plaintiffs claim they were not compensated properly for worked overtime hours, their hourly pay and a half, due to a company policy in place known as “Ronnie’s Forty Hour Plan,” which denied the employees overtime wages they were required to work. The lawsuit states technicians were often required to work overtime due to weather, rioting and looting.

Mackall and Hunter claim this policy was enforced throughout the Mid-Atlantic region including Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

“It was known as the Forty Hour Plan because regardless of how many hours they worked each week, Plaintiffs’ and other technicians’ timecards were revised to reflect they only worked forty (40) hours,” the court document reads. “Plaintiffs’ supervisors were responsible for this illegal act. It was a common practice throughout Plaintiffs’ and other technicians’ employment.”

According to the court document, technicians that did not part-take in the Forty Hour Plan were “punished,” by given less work or sent home early. A portion of the technicians’ compensation was based on commission, which was determined by the piece of glass being repaired or replaced.

Plaintiffs allege that in January of 2017, senior vice president Steven Miggo held a meeting to discuss the illegality of the policy and ended it. The plaintiffs say following the meeting, they and fellow employees began getting paid for subsequent overtime hours. However, they’re requests to be compensated for previous overtime hours were allegedly ignored.

The plaintiffs are seeking class-action status, and have requested a jury of their peers hear and decide all claims brought forth.

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  2. Brian Jolley says:

    My girl friend works at SafeLite in Hiawatha Iowa and they are kinda doing the same but not with OT hours, just regular hours, at least 4 to 5 hours a week for the past 3 weeks and she has pointed it out to them and it has not been fixed nor has there been any effort. This is and illegal pay, which would follow under equal pay act or/and EOEE.

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