Fuyao Denies Allegations of Unpaid Wages, Rounding Policy

Fuyao Glass America has denied the allegations that it owes former employees from its Moraine, Ohio, facility unpaid wages, including overtime hours, due to its automatic meal-deduction policy.

Julia Staggs, one of the plaintiffs, also claims she was promised time-and-a-half to work the Saturday and Sunday following Thanksgiving 2016, which, she alleges, she did not receive. Fuyao has denied the allegation.

The auto glass manufacturer admitted that it does implement a 30-minute automatic meal deduction policy, according to court documents. However, it claims employees who work through meal breaks are compensated accordingly.

Stephen Newman, plaintiff and former hourly production line worker for the company’s auto glass replacement department, alleged the company would round his hours during the times he worked earlier or later than his scheduled shifts.

Fuyao denied Newman’s claim, arguing, “Defendant denies that it operates a rounding policy; Defendant’s employees are paid based on the actual time worked based on their approved schedule.”

In regards to Staggs’ claim of not being paid overtime-and-a-half for working the Saturday and Sunday following Thanksgiving and, instead, received a gift card, Fuyao claims overtime pay was not legally required.

“Defendant admits that it paid Plaintiff Staggs and all other employees straight time for the non-overtime hours each employee worked on the Saturday, November 26, 2016 and Sunday, November 27, 2016 shifts,” the document reads. “Defendant further admits that, in addition to pay for all hours worked, 49 employees were offered gift cards as thanks for the work completed on November 26 and 27.”

Fuyao has requested the complaint to be dismissed, judgement be entered in its favor and that it be awarded court costs and attorney fees.

The plaintiffs are seeking class-action status.

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