Safelite Denies All Allegations in “Forty Hour Plan” Lawsuit

Safelite Fulfillment has responded to the lawsuit brought forth by two of its former Maryland technicians who claimed the company’s alleged “Forty Hour Plan” refused them overtime pay. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court of Maryland Northern Division on July 31.

Safelite has denied all of Lamar Mackall and Ryan Hunter’s allegations, which claim the company illegally altered employee time cards so it would not have to pay them for any hours worked over 40. The plaintiffs claim this policy was enforced throughout the Mid-Atlantic region including Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. They are suing their former employer for unpaid wages.

Bullet for bullet, Safelite refuted the allegations outlined in the complaint.

“Defendant denies that Plaintiffs’ claims … have any factual or legal basis; that  Plaintiffs  are  ‘similarly situated’  to  other  Safelite  employees;  that  this  matter  can  be maintained as a collective action; or that Plaintiffs are entitled to any relief sought for themselves or others they purport to represent,” the document reads.

The company argues it maintained and implemented proper time recordings of all its employees, including the Mackall and Hunter.

Safelite has asked the court to see that the plaintiffs receive nothing from their complaint, the case be dismissed entirely, the court to enter judgement in its favor and award Safelite attorney fees and other associated court costs.

To read Safelite’s response, click here.

To read the plaintiffs’ complaint, click here.

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