More Employees Expected to Join Lawsuit against Fuyao Glass America

The June lawsuit against Fuyao Glass America for alleged unpaid wages just got bigger. Two more former employees have requested to join seven others as plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the auto glass manufacturer for alleged unpaid wages and unpaid overtime hours.

Jennifer Mayabb and Connie Childress have filed a request to join Julia Staggs, John Greene, Stephen Newman, Chuck Dickens, Andre Cameron, Chad Clark and Nettie Halliburton.

The plaintiffs claim the manufacturer refused to pay them overtime due to the defendant’s automatic meal break deduction policy. According to court documents, the former employees allege all hours worked over 40 were to be compensated at a rate of time-and-a-half.

Newman, a former hourly production line worker for the company’s auto glass replacement department, alleged the company went so far as to round his hours during the times he worked earlier or later than his scheduled shifts.

In addition, Staggs claims she and 100 other employees were promised time-and-a-half to work the Saturday and Sunday following Thanksgiving 2016. Pay, she alleges, she did not receive.

Fuyao responded to the complaint in early October denying all of the allegations outlined against them. The company also asked for the case to be dismissed.

The plaintiffs are seeking class action on behalf of themselves and all current and former hourly, non-exempt production employees working at the Moraine, Ohio facility. According to Dayton Daily News, the attorney for Staggs, the lead plaintiff, said he expects to know if the plaintiffs will be granted class-action status by the end of this year.

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  1. current Fuyao employee says:

    I am currently employed at Fuyao Glass America in Moraine, OH in the ARG (Aftermarket Retail Glass) Dept. The accusations against Fuyao are more than likely true. I have witnessed first hand in the mistreatment of employees, abuse of power, manipulation, and pay discrepancies in my own paycheck. I have every intention to join the other employees in the lawsuit. I have also been injured on more than one occasion and was told by my supervisor that if I did not return to work IMMEDIATELY I would be reprimanded up to and including termination for “abandoning my position”. I brought my ER discharge instructions with me to work the next day. However, my supervisor told me that she didn’t need to see them, and that since I came into work I had to perform my regular duties with no regard to my injury or the doctor’s instructions/restrictions to allow it to heal. I am owed more than $2,000 in wages that I have not received for hours/overtime worked although it was brought to the attention of my supervisor as well as HR on more than one occasion. I never thought it would come to this. I HAVE NEVER WORKED FOR A COMPANY WITH SO MANY SAFETY VIOLATIONS, WAGE COMPLAINTS, AND OUTRIGHT DISREGARD OF ITS EMPLOYEES!

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