How Auto Glass Companies are Using Social Media during the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and auto glass companies all over are using this time to interact and engage with their customers through social media. If you’re looking for some holiday inspiration, here’s what others in the industry are doing.

Bone Auto Glass in Ballwin, Mo., is accepting letters to Santa. But that’s not all—the company will also mail back responses to the families who leave a return address.

New Bruswick, N.J.-based Extreme Auto Glass is celebrated the holiday season by meeting with new and familiar faces in its community at the New Brunswick Recreation’s annual holiday celebration.

J. Royce Auto Glass in Cincinnati, Ohio, took a different approach. The company tweeted a customer’s testimonial of an incident that took place on previous Christmas Eve.

Lloyd the Cow, “brand evangelist” for Lloyd’s Auto Glass in Pensacola, Fla., is using Twitter to host a count down until Christmas.

NSG Pilkington NA took a philanthropic approach and donated gifts to four families in its community. The company posted the message on Twitter.

Rockford Auto Glass, located in Rockford, Ill., let its Twitter followers know what days it would be closed for the holidays, as well as wished its customers a Merry Christmas.

Richmond Auto Glass in Staten Island took to Instagram to post a picture of “Rudolph” getting a new windshield.

What is your company doing to interact with customers? Let us know!

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