Unsure about Social Media Marketing? Tiny & Sons Offers Advice

In this day and age, having a social media presence can have a significant impact on generating sales leads. Just ask Peter Brown, owner of the auto glass shop Tiny & Sons in Pembroke, Mass., whose Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages have helped further his reach and bring new customers into his shop.

“I try to post on Facebook at least three times a day, Twitter at least once, and Instagram as many times I can,” says Brown. “I find that on Instagram, we can tell a story, especially when completing an installation. We can show what the technology is about and talk about windshield safety with our followers.”

Brown says his company attracts followers to his pages by being actively engaged in local non-profit organizations. After attending events sponsored by the non-profits, word-of-mouth goes a long way.

“A lot of the engagement on Facebook page comes through interaction with a lot of the non-profits we work with,” he explains. “They’ll share a lot of posts which get put in front of an entirely different audience. Many communities have connect site where people can ask for recommendations. Often times, the people we meet at these non-profit events share our page.”

It’s important not to over saturate your social platforms with strictly auto-glass related posts, he says. Instead, he suggests creating posts that demonstrate your company’s involvement in the community.

“These days, consumers are coming in informed and educated on the windshield repair or replacement process,” Brown explains. “They come in wanting the mentality of ‘What have you done for the community lately?’ And that’s what’s going to set you apart.”

The company’s latest social media campaign stemmed from the area’s Planet Subaru hosting a fundraiser for the Humane Society. Brown would share the dealerships’ posts of dog stories, and then encourage his customers to share their own photos and stories.

The goal, he explains, is to be the one a customer calls first, and not the insurance company, so the insured is more likely to go with your shop.

“It’s about instilling the mentality to call us first,” he says. “And they’re going to remember that you support your local community.”

He says if you’re new to marketing on social media, there are a few things you should know before you get started.

“Don’t post anything political,” Brown says. “Post about your business, and tell them what your company is involved in, and they’ll follow.”

But Brown took it one step further by creating an environment that encourages social media interaction by those waiting to get their vehicle fixed.

“[Our waiting area] is dog friendly; we’ve also put in walking paths, so people can go outside and tag us in their posts, and that interaction alone brings us leads,” he says. “Social media is a good lead generator—you just have to do it right.”

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  1. RS Carlson says:

    Nice, great Community Partner defined IS Tiny and Son’s Auto Glass. Peter Brown IS a man about YOUR town! And… He is on a mission to make our community BETTER!

    Don’t get steered, call TINY’s first!

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