Global Auto Sales Poised to Set Record in 2018

Global Auto Sales Poised to Set Record in 2018

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  1. Richard says:

    It’s a sad day when you talk to your sales manager from a company previously well respected by you .And when talking to him about receiving defects in glass continuously…his response is , well customers should look through the glass , NOT at the glass defects are a part of the business !!! Then follows that statement with Safelite has knowingly done it for years and nobody’s cares ….Is that what this industry is all about now ? Sell more , install more , who cares about quality ? When did it. Crime normal or OK to sell customers defective products when they are buying it as NEW …Would you buy anything NEW that has a defect without expecting a discount ? How about some company integrity for quality, honesty and dependability ? Or is that just too much to ask for these days …The compensation for quality to compensate the pricing demand of insurance vs supplier prices is way out of control and the only ones losing are the customers …very unfortunate..the verbiage” Glass is Glass “is as about as reasonable as saying a “car is a car “or “wine is a wine “ ..or how about “a House is a house “ .When we all know and realize there are Quality differences in everything..some may be minimal but some are not so minimal …

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