Judge Grants Class-Action Status in Fuyao Glass America Lawsuit

A U.S. district judge has granted class-action status to current and former employees of Fuyao Glass America (FGA) in the June 2017 lawsuit against the manufacturer. The plaintiffs are suing the company for unpaid wages, including overtime compensation.

The 13 plaintiffs allege the manufacturer refused to pay them overtime due to the defendant’s automatic meal break deduction policy. According to court documents, the former and current employees claim all hours worked over 40 were to be compensated at a rate of time-and-a-half. Additionally, one plaintiff alleges the FGA staff went so far as to round his hours as to avoid paying him overtime.

“The allegations in the Complaint and Plaintiffs’ declarations agree that Defendant’s staff share similar primary job duties and responsibilities and are alleged to be victims of the same policy, decision and practice to deny them overtime pay,” Judge Thomas Rose ruled. “This suffices to consider Plaintiffs and the putative collective members and sub-Class members similarly situated for purposes of conditional certification.”

He ordered FGA to provide the plaintiffs’ counsel with the names, employment history and last known contact information of employees who have worked at the Moraine, Ohio plant over the past three years within 14 days of the filing.

Rose also granted a 90-day opt-in duration for other FGA employees who wish to join the lawsuit.

FGA attorneys have denied the allegations against the company.

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