Missouri Rep. Seeks to Abolish Vehicle Safety Inspections in State

The Missouri legislature currently is considering a bill that would “repeal the requirement that all motor vehicles must obtain an inspection before the vehicle may be licensed.” The bill, HB 1444, was introduced by Rep. J. Eggleston in January. The House voted to pass the bill on April 10.

“Supporters say that the bill will reduce government regulation and inconvenience to citizens without impacting roadway safety in any respect,” writes the House Transportation Committee in a summary of the bill. “Most other states have abolished safety inspections and there is no statistically showing of greater accident or injury rates.”

Both Eggleston and a representative from the Missouri Farm Bureau testified in favor of the bill.

Meanwhile, opponents of the bill “say that inspections are useful in forcing people to make necessary repairs such as brake pad replacement, suspension repair, and changing their tires on a regular basis. Half of cars on the road are older than 10 years and should probably be inspected to ensure safety.”

Those who came out against the bill included representatives from the Missouri Tire Industry Association; AAA Auto Club of Missouri and Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Missouri.

The bill passed the House with a vote of 7-4.

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  1. Mike Right, VP, Public Affairs, AAA Missouri says:

    In the interest of accuracy; the House did not pass HB 1444 on April 10. A House Committee voted to Do Pass the bill and sent it onto the full House.

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