Service AutoGlass Changes Its Model

Service AutoGlass, based in Columbus, Ohio, announced to its customers that it will transition to a will-call only model effective May 14, 2018.

“As your auto glass, installation tools and supplies provider, we continuously evaluate our operation to make sure we are providing you with the unrivaled inventory you have come to appreciate,” said the company in its announcement. “As we focus on becoming more strategic in our operating cost, that means we will no longer be making deliveries and arrangements will need to be made to pick up your glass orders from our warehouses.”
The company adds that the decision “aligns directly with our company’s strategy to operate more proficiently with a focus on serving you, our customers, in a more cost efficient way.”

One Service AutoGlass customer said he gets a lot of dealer parts from the company so it’s a shame that they will stop delivering.

“However with the close proximity with our location to Safelite in our facility we will still be using them for our hard to find OEM Parts, regardless of the hassle of having to [go to] will call. I know many retailers choose not to buy from the competition, however we choose to put our customers first no matter what it takes to get the job done.”

Service AutoGlass adds in its announcement that LTL shipping will no longer be available and they have also implanted the following new return policy:

  • Defect returns will not be processed, part inspection will take place during pick up.
  • Any non-defect returns will be processed if the part is submitted and returned to the warehouse within five days. A $25 restocking fee will be applied to the return.
  • Orders that have been submitted, but not picked up, for 48 hours will be subject to cancellation.

We will continue to maintain our unrivaled inventory, providing you with the best offerings from the best provider in the industry, Service AutoGlass,” the company added in the announcement.

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5 Responses to Service AutoGlass Changes Its Model

  1. Their newest will-call only model greatly affects the many small businesses with brick and mortar shops dependent upon those deliveries. Not good news!

  2. Brad B. says:

    Absolutely agree Deborah. Also the $25 restock fee is ridiculous. We have customers cancel or just not show up quite often. My guess is they don’t want the small business’ business? Our sales rep said the changes are because of the overhead cost of delivery drivers, trucks, etc. You have to know that their affiliation with SGC/Safelite they have to be doing okay. They charged us $4.50 for every delivery. That had to help some. And why not change it to 1 delivery per day only, that would help with at least one shift. Pretty frustrating. Our nearest warehouse is an hour away. Guess we will do business elsewhere. 🙁

  3. I agree with you Brad, as it’s about 45 minutes each way for us. That means total time invested would be 4 hours (1/2 day) for a return, including wait and inspection time, plus the $25 fee.

    Don’t think so.

    Imagine what would happen if Amazon stopped delivering and said you have to pick up your item from their nearest warehouse. Once you leave, the product is yours to keep forever regardless of any preexisting defects that you did not notice. Or it did not meet your performance expectations within 5 calendar days and you would be automatically charged a $25 restocking fee for its return. Most people will shop somewhere else, right? Let’s face it. Many times, the brackets or glass attachments are off center and there is no way of realizing this until you try installing it (especially for door glasses). No way do I want to get stuck with that part or pay a restocking fee plus go out of my way to return it.

  4. We have already absorbed, across the board, glass price increases from all of our suppliers so that expense has been passed on to us. We are paying for a delivery fee which helps offset another expense. Most importantly, every company just had their corporate taxes reduced to a flat 21% (down from 35%) which is a big financial benefit. Stopping deliveries is not taking a very customer focused approach to service. Brad and Chris, something else is happening here. Guess, we will find out in another future original story from Glassbytes :-). Shame, too. Their delivery drivers were so personable and they brought exceptionally clean windshields. I will miss them.

  5. William wynn says:


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