Auto Windscreens Certified as a 100% Carbon Neutral Business

Auto Windscreens, a UK glass repair and replacement specialist, has become a 100% carbon neutral business. It created a carbon reduction plan and offsets remaining emissions to support worldwide CO2 minimizing projects.

“As a conscientious business with a busy vehicle fleet and over 40 buildings around the UK, we have a responsibility to set an example and mitigate our carbon impact on the planet,” Rupert Armitage, Auto Windscreens’ Managing Director, said.

The company worked with BP Target Neutral to gain Carbon Neutral Certification. BP Target Neutral is a carbon management program with more than a decade of experience helping its customers reduce their emissions.

To gain certification, Auto Windscreens defined and measured its carbon footprint, put carbon lowering initiatives in place and offset residual emissions by purchasing carbon credits from BP Target Neutral. One credit equals one ton of CO2.

“By putting in place a CO2 reduction plan and offsetting currently unavoidable carbon emissions on an ongoing basis, including fuel, electricity and gas, we can offer the same high-quality service while, at the same time, minimizing our environmental footprint and helping progress some hugely important initiatives across the globe,” Armitage said.

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