CARCO Adds Windshield Damage Inspections To Fight Fraud

CARCO is adding windshield damage inspection addition at its Florida Site Network. The goal is to identify and prevent fraudulent windshield damage claims from being filed with insurance companies.

The new addition aims to help both insured Floridians and insurance companies by authenticating filed claims. “This should help ensure the safety of the insureds, while stopping fraud,” Will Pagan, senior vice president and general manager of CARCO’s Fraud Prevention Services and Technology Platforms division said. By using its existing site network, leveraging mobile technology can help keep costs down.

“The program helps insurance carriers as it validates windshield damage and tracks the fraud prevention process through mobile-enabled network saving time and money,” CARCO said in a press release.

The group says its number of completed inspection transactions in Florida and other states is in the millions, according to the release.

“We are confident that our 40 years of experience fighting fraud with innovative technology solutions will help alleviate the flood of lawsuits that have crept up to over 20,000 in the past year alone,” Pagan said.

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