Latest Schedule Proposed In Campfield vs. Safelite Suit

The plaintiff attorneys in the Richard Campfield vs. Safelite lawsuit submitted a revised schedule for U.S. District Court Judge Michael H. Watson to consider earlier this month. Defense attorneys representing Safelite, agree with the proposed revision. Campfield, founder of Ultra Bond in Grand Junction, Colo., is suing Safelite for allegedly using deceptive advertising and damaging his business.

The parties requested an extension for all expert discovery. They are seeking the deadline to be pushed for completion by September 7, 2018. This is following their request to have full reports from the defense by July 31, 2018 while anticipating plaintiff rebuttals in August 2018.

“… while Plaintiffs are comfortable keeping their expert rebuttal deadline on August 21, 2018, in light of these extensions and in recognition of the limited time between Plaintiffs’ expert rebuttal, and the close of expert discovery (currently scheduled for August 29, 2018), Plaintiffs request that the close of expert discovery be moved until September 7, 2018,” plaintiff attorneys wrote.

Campfield’s legal counsel said the proposed changes are not being suggested as a means to delay court proceedings.

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