Man Says His ADAS Camera Sent Him Into Traffic after Windshield Replacement

A Nova Scotia man is working to raise awareness that the replacement of windshields in cars with ADAS may require camera recalibration. He says the shop that replaced his windshield did not do enough to make the safety hazards of non-calibration clear and may have endangered him.

An article by Canadian news entitled “Camera Directed Car toward Oncoming Traffic After Windshield Replacement, Man Says,” cites Mike Ash of Conception Bay, Newfoundland who said that he had the feeling “the steering wheel was actually pulling you into traffic” after a recent replacement that was done without a recalibration. In fact, he says that recalibration was never mentioned.

Ash had his windshield replaced at Speedy Auto Glass in Saint Johns, a Belron company. Ash says in the article that while the technician there did identify the camera, that Ash “wasn’t alerted to the potential safety hazard, other than being told he should have the camera checked the next time he visited his dealership.” He said no one explained why it should be checked nor …that you should do it right away. He called on Speedy Auto Glass to be more forthcoming and explain that collisions can occur if the camera is not recalibrated.

Upon review of his invoice from Speedy, Ash says he found, in the fine print he had signed, a disclaimer acknowledging he had been told about the need for recalibration and a clause releasing Belron and its franchisees from liability.

Belron’s Atlantic director of operations Jim Gilbert is quoted in the article as saying his company requires the service center manager to notify customers if the car needs recalibration but that no one at Speedy could recall their interaction with Ash.

Ash’s car is a 2016 Acura MDX complete with an ADAS system. Acura is owned by Honda Corporation.  In late 2015, the company issues a service bulletin entitled “Aftermarket Replacement Windshield May Cause Honda Sensing Systems to Work Abnormally”. Honda, of course, encourages their customers to have their windshields replaced at Honda dealerships, an option unavailable to Ash because his local dealership does not offer glass replacement. Accommodating ADAS systems in auto glass is a new area of concern for AGRR companies.

The Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) recently circulated a draft of proposed changes to its Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) that now incorporates dealing with ADAS systems as related to glass replacement.

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6 Responses to Man Says His ADAS Camera Sent Him Into Traffic after Windshield Replacement

  1. So my question is this. How can I in good conscious, aside even from liability risk, send a customer out to drive with their saftey systems disabled. I can ask them to sign a waver but shouldnt they have signed that before the appointment was set. You already replace the glass and now they have no choice but to drive the car, and it could be days before they can get to a dealer for calibration. So it’s pay me sogn this and good luck! It’s unethical to place a customer in this position. A waver forced on someone only after the installation leaves the blame for injury or death squarely with the glass shop.
    The only answer is a mobile job completed at a dealership with a calibration service.

    • Paul H Morris says:

      The vast majority of customers don’t have ADAS yet anyway. Should you not allow them to drive their cars until they buy new cars with ADAS? No driver should be relying upon ADAS for their safety yet. It’s not reliable. We still need to be using our own eyes for now.

  2. I agre with Glen. In order for today’s cars to have their windshield replacement provide safety it is up to the shop, the dealer, and the owner to workout a solution for every replacement.

    • We tell the customers before installing glass that if their LDWS needs to be calibrated, then they will need to take it to the dealer to have the re-calibration performed. We also have them sign the waiver before install as well. At least 50% of all new cars made today have some sort of ADAS and that will only grow exponentially in the next few years.

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  4. David says:

    in California, the law is very clear. If you repair a vehicle, then you must ensure that you leave it working in the same condition the manufacturer intended, and yes this include all safety features aADAS included.

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