New York Bill Aims To Make Auto Glass Replacements Consistent

A bill has been introduced to the assembly that will effect New Yorkers in the auto glass replacement industry. The proposed bill, number A01965, outlines safety guidelines to be followed and also provides definitions to ensure general safety. The bill would also bring New York state auto glass replacement standards in line with federal safety standards.

The bill defines The Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as those to follow. It also mentions all vehicle assessments will take place before auto glass replacements. Auto glass installers will not complete the assessment if there are any compromising retention system conditions; vehicle owners will be notified if this arises with their car. Retention systems are also to be produced under documented quality assurance standards. The bill also states all glass products must meet ANSI Z26.1 requirements as required by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.

It’s not uncommon to see some installers do auto glass replacements at a customer’s home, and often times the replacement happens regardless of the weather. New York is known for many things, but having consistent decent weather isn’t one of them. Not having a controlled environment when replacing a customer’s glass can cause issues, especially because the adhesive used may not cure if conditions are poor outside when it’s being replaced. According to the proposed bill, any person involved with replacing auto glass must follow the manufacturer’s application instructions which also includes having all glass installations done in proper environments. He or she must also follow manufacturer’s requirements when storing products to ensure product safety. Under no circumstances should an auto glass replacement be done using any adhesive bonding system that fails to achieve the minimum drive-away strength by the time the car is expected to be drivable.

Another highlight refers to sealing leaks. Under the bill, no silicone or butyl may be used when sealing any air or water leaks sealed within a rubber gasket adhesive system.

The act will take effect 90 days after it becomes a law. Those who violate or are not compliant with the provisions are subject to misdemeanor fines and possible imprisonment. Click here to see the full text on the proposed bill.

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4 Responses to New York Bill Aims To Make Auto Glass Replacements Consistent

  1. This seems like a natural choice in windshield replacement to insure the safety of auto glass customers and thier families. Very glad to see this bill take place.

  2. hopefully other states will follow.

  3. Keith Elder says:

    Safety is always the end result,, fit and finish the close second. Good luck with a proper assessment with the glass still in the automobile. Im good but i don’t have x-ray vision to see rust holes, broken or damaged frame or post seams, ect. Better write in common sense in that bill and be prepared to rent some cars to customers with auto damage that needs repair before it leaves your shop or mobil site, ie: results of proper assessment.

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